Doctors and Hospitals: How to Step Into Deep Doggy Doo-doo Without Trying

It seems that Sharp Grossmont Hospital, located in the San Diego suburb of La Mesa, has found itself in quite the flustercluck. And it all started when hospital administration decided it would be a bright idea to sneak secret cameras into the 21 surgical suites, including the Women’s Health Center.


Dr Adam Dorin

Why on earth would they do such a thing? Well actually, they had a darn good reason. They were pretty sure that somebody on their surgical teams was repeatedly stealing medications, right off the treatment cart. So they were trying to catch a drug thief.

The hospital administration believed they had a potential disaster on their hands, fearing that medical staff were stealing and either using, or selling, surgical anesthetics.  Who could blame them for being proactive?

Care to know the odd news in this story? The hospital’s sneaky surveillance cameras did indeed reveal what appeared to be just that. Because on at least a dozen video clips, Doctor Adam Dorin could clearly be seen plucking small bottles of propofol from the treatment cart and tucking them into his lab coat pockets.

Now, you want the weird news? Well, 15,000 video clips, taken over a full-year beginning in the middle of July 2012, also showed hundreds of images of naked ladies undergoing female surgery. Because as we all know by now, a camera never sleeps. In fact, it doesn’t even blink or blush.

That’s what we call ‘serious unintended consequences’.

When questioned by hospital authorities, Doctor Adam Dorin denied taking the drugs at all. But when they showed the video clips of him doing exactly that, he decided to change his story just a bit: He said he had not taken the propofol for his own use, and had never walked out of the hospital with them in his pocket. He said the O.R. sometimes had less propofol than they needed and he was just tucking them away for anticipated future patients.

A Sharp Healthcare Vice President, John Cihomsky, told the press that, “at no time was patient privacy ever compromised. Sharp diligently safeguards the protected health information of all patients.”

He also said this: “Access to the videos was strictly limited to investigators, and the only videos sent outside were forwarded to the California State Medical Board, which showed the doctor in question removing the drugs from the room.”

He praised the hospital for, “acting decisively to identify a physician who was stealing those drugs and swiftly reported him to the California licensing board.”

“Unless the physician’s lawyer gets his way. He wants to watch them all.”

Doctor Dorin has filed a lawsuit against Sharp, stating they are retaliating against him for being a whistleblower in 2008. At that time he reported to the San Diego Union-Tribune about a medical error that had led to the death of a patient. Dorin also sued the State Medical Board in 2014, but that case was dismissed. 

The State Medical Board has dismissed any case against him, and there is no indication any criminal charges have been filed.

The physician resigned from Sharp in 2013 and now works at Palmdale Medical Center..

A class action civil suit is now pending against the hospital, for “breaching the privacy of thousands of patients.”

Like we say . . . a modern-day medical flustercluck.

Here’s another look:



3 thoughts on “Doctors and Hospitals: How to Step Into Deep Doggy Doo-doo Without Trying

  1. christian says:

    As it turns out. the medical board of California dropped the charges against him. I have a feeling the video recorded violated patients rights therefore not admissible unless the hospital wants to get involved or already involved in a major lawsuit. Amazing ah!

  2. Donna Deborah Sinclair says:

    FYI! The backup news cast and information did not come up but when I searched for Dr. Adam Dorin related information did come up. Litigation personified! Another case swept under the rug! And right in my backyard! Geez!

    • Donna –

      Thank you very much for pointing out the faulty link. The problem has been corrected.

      In our medic days, we always thought the Sharp system was one of the very best. But doo-doo occurs.

      Take very good care down there in what is otherwise ‘God’s Country.’

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