Will President Trump Start Deporting Criminal Immigrant Doctors? We Can Only Hope


Pakistani immigrant Doctor Shafiq Ahmad. This man was arrested for molesting a dozen women patients. Then he tried to have his American wife shot and killed for $2,000 because she wasn’t “obedient.”  

In the state of Ohio yet another foreign doctor was found guilty of a serious felony. This fool  tried to hire a contract killer to murder his former wife back in 2011. Believe it or not, he served less than 5 years in state prison and now faces deportation.

Wait a minute! Deportation of a criminal immigrant physician? Now there’s a subject that doesn’t get much airtime. Because it almost never happens.

Doctor Shafiq Ahmad from Pakistan,  was transferred from prison to a county jail in October, and is being held on a warrant by  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Ahmad, who lived and worked in Huber Heights, near Dayton, was sent to prison in March 2011, after being convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Murder. He was arrested two years earlier, after he had paid $2,000 to a former patient to shoot his former wife, Kristin Hornsby, because of a nasty child custody dispute. Instead of murdering the doctor’s wife, the  man went to the police and told them all about the daffy doc’s plan.

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“Doctor sex abuse is tolerated by regulators and forgiven in every state, a national investigation has revealed.”

Ahmad, age 46, was a walking, talking lab coat crime-wave. He’d had his medical license suspended by the Ohio State Medical Board in 2010 after he was arrested for  improper sexual advances by 12 former patients. His license was revoked after his felony conviction for attempted murder in 2011.

Ahmad’s career of crime was one of many bad physicians examined in an in-depth report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“The medical profession hides doctors’ patient abuse nationwide.”

Like we say: Third World Assassins. They can be found in every state in America. Why?

Because when it comes to unfettered immigration, we are appallingly stupid.

Note: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution performed a yearlong, 50-state analysis, and found medical boards in many states do very little to inform or protect patients when doctors were found to have abused their power. Read the full national report here, and read their analysis of local doctors sanctioned by the Ohio Medical Board here


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