Healthcare Heroine: Doctor Colleen Coleman in Southern California

It might go without saying that as a surgeon, Doctor Colleen Coleman in Orange County California has saved a few lives. But up till recently the folks she helped were people she didn’t know.


Dr Colleen Coleman

But not long ago the good doctor learned that a coworker – a man on staff at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach where she works –was in dire need of a kidney. And the man’s name is Brian Dunn, a physician himself. In fact, Doctor Dunn is an anesthesiologist. They worked together. And he was a very sick man.

After ensuring that her blood matched that of her coworker, Colleen Coleman made the decision to donate one of her own two kidneys. She says it was not a hard choice to make.

“I truly believe if I, as a physician, couldn’t do this, after having participated in transplantation as part of my training and experience as a surgeon, how could I ask other people to be donors when needed,” Colleen said.


Dr Brian Dunn

The surgery worked out just fine, and Doctor Brian Dunn no longer needs to undergo the grueling ritual of dialysis. In fact, he gets to go home from the hospital today.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that someone would make this sacrifice,” Dunn said. “But that’s Colleen.”

Doctor Dunn is looking forward to returning to the operating room in March. And when he does, he’ll be working side-by-side with an extraordinary lady-doc with only one kidney.

We tip our cap to Doctor Coleman for her extraordinary generosity.


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