Ever Notice How Many Doctors Kill Their Spouses? It’s UN-Believable

It’s been 3 years since 38-year-old Samira Frasch was found lying on the bottom of her swimming pool at her Tallahassee home. She had a serious bump on her head, water in her lungs and she was quite dead.


So Who Do You Suppose Drowned The Former Model in a Florida Swimming Pool?


And yesterday, a Leon County Court jury found Doctor Adam Frasch guilty of her murder.

This particular Florida legal drama, presided over by no-nonsense Judge James Hankinson, played out on nationwide news coverage and attracted the viewership of countless thousands.

The trial had all the trappings of a hit TV show: strippers and violence, high society misbehavior and a lifeless, nude , former model in a swimming pool.


According to a Tallahassee Jury, It Was Doctor Adam Frasch


Frasch, age 49, was well-known in the Tallahassee area as a playboy foot specialist, with a hot temper and a quick zipper. He also had a curiously lucrative medical practice (he owned 14 high performance automobiles, for one thing) just across the state line in Thomasville, Georgia. At least U.S. government agents thought his shenanigans were curious: they had raided his clinic well before the murder arrest.

Samira was Frasch’ third wife, a former model born and raised on the African island of Madagascar. She had met Frasch in the summer of 2006 in France. They married in 2009. When she was able to move to Florida in 2010 she discovered her new husband was married when she met him, and had fathered a child with yet another woman since their engagement.

According to neighbors and friends, the discovery of his infidelities ignited a volatile relationship that extended through their divorce and eventually up to her death.

Throughout the trial, horny-toad Frasch maintained his innocence, although he admitted on the night of her death they’d had a champagne-fueled fight. That was understandable: she had just learned of yet another affair – this time with a stripper in Panama City.

When the doctor was arrested at his home in Panama City Beach hours after her body was discovered, police said he looked like he was packing to flee the country.

Frasch’s lawyer, Clyde Taylor, told the jury that the evidence of the doctor’s guilt was based entirely on circumstance. He argued that Samira was alive for hours after her ex-husband was seen leaving the house.

Paramedics testified that the victim appeared recently drowned. She did not look as though she’d been under water very long at all.

Samira’s autopsy revealed she died as a combined result of head trauma followed by drowning. The right side of her head showed a depressed skull fracture.

The prosecution merely repeated the following during final summation:

When Frasch was first arrested, he made two very strange statements to police:

“I loved Samira to death. I loved her to death.”

Here’s another look at this particular lab coat loon:



One thought on “Ever Notice How Many Doctors Kill Their Spouses? It’s UN-Believable

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    You would think they would be satisfied with the # of patients they off …

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