25 Simple Skills Your Millennial Probably Can’t Do

What does any of this have to do with errant medicine?  Nothing! But it’s kinda fun to think about, don’t you think? Go ahead: Ask your favorite millennial how well they’d do.

1)     Tell us the 4 parts of a drive-in movie night

2)    Change a bicycle tire

3)    Write a check


4)    Identify any bird in any tree

5)    Check the tire pressure on the family car

6)    Name a single star in the night sky

7)    Make a jar of sun tea

8)    Fold a paper airplane that will glide across the room

9)    Navigate town using a map

10)  Determine a pulse on anybody – alive or dead


11)  Hammer a nail without the need for a 911 call

12)  Find the way out of the woods using a compass

13)  Cook an edible meal for 4 people

14)  Start a campfire, even with a match

15)  Plant a seed in topsoil that actually grows

16)  Locate France on a blank world map

17)  Tell you the main ingredients of succotash

18)  Tie just 1 Boy Scout knot

19)  Calculate a 20% tip for a waiter in their heads

20)  Splint a broken bone using anything at all


21)   Figure out which of two eggs is hard-boiled without breaking them

22)   Name the first 3 things to do after a major earthquake

23)   List 2 advantages of sleeping in a waterbed

24)   Tell us the usual color of the California black bear

25)   List the phone numbers of 3 different people

And you, dear reader, have every right to be proud if you can achieve even half of this list. Because you can bet the house your teenager can’t.




2 thoughts on “25 Simple Skills Your Millennial Probably Can’t Do

  1. generationtrygirl says:

    Whoop! Proud to say I can do 20 of them! I was nervous when I started reading haha.

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