Let’s All Drug Our Way to Heaven

It is an accepted adage in the world of advertising that you make money by selling the problem – not the fix.

Understand just that alone, and you can immediately see why TV commercials slime the airwaves ad nauseum with jaw-dropping depictions of our abject corporeal deterioration. For the legal drug cartels, nothing on this earth outranks convincing the masses that their kids need shots for the next 80 years, and you and everybody else in town are so stressed, depressed and far-under-sexed, that your only viable chance, is a never-ending litany of needles and pills.

diary-of-a-legal-drug-dealerGovernments sell fear – drug dealers sell disease. Care to know the cornerstone of ‘healthcare’?

NONE of us are healthy – we are ALL in desperate need of pharmaceutical intervention.

Our entire lives are awash in biochemical deficiency. You think you have an occasional twitch in your thigh? No you don’t. You have Restless Leg Syndrome. You need pills.

Maybe you think you’re shy in public. Not a chance. You suffer from a mental malady called Social Anxiety Disorder. You really need pills.

30 years ago the president of Merck Pharmaceuticals envisioned the near future:

“I want to sell drugs to everyone. I want to sell drugs to healthy people. I want drugs to sell like chewing gum.” With those words former Merck CEO Henry Gadsden established the aim of the entire pharmaceutical industry. With that aim, a monster was born. A monster that injures, cripples, and kills, without regard for the age of its victims. More than 1,000,000 Americans have died due to prescription drugs in the past 10 years. The fact is, because of the aim to sell drugs to everyone, the pharmaceutical industry has systematically devised ways to hook children on drugs at the earliest ages possible, including infants under the age of one year.”


Kay L Carlson, American heroine

[Kay Carlson, former pharmaceutical sales rep. turned whistleblower, featured in the documentary film “Making a Killing”. In her revealing book, “Diary of a Legal Drug Dealer” Carlson gives us an inside view of the pharmaceutical industry. Kay Carlson graduated in the top of her class with an MBA from the George Washington University. She uncovered the insidious methods drug companies use to create birth-to-grave prescription drug users]

It’s 2017 and were 90% there. Listen to what Doctor Lisa Schwartz of Dartmouth Medical School has to say. “We’re increasingly turning normal people into patients. Ordinary experiences of life become a diagnosis, which makes healthy people feel like they’re sick.”

Don’t think for a minute that TV ads have no affect on you. The Kaiser Foundation found that they make $4 in drug sales for every $1 they spend on advertising. Great for them – crappy for the rest of society, who experience sky-high  insurance costs and toxic side effects that kill at least 100 people a day. But who’s counting, really?

From our point of view, the worst aspect of this whole circus is that prescription drug ads have converted millions to a perverse drug culture with no end in sight. Otherwise intelligent citizens are being reduced to impotent consumers with no ability to cope with life unless they’re popping pills.

For more than 100 years the United States government exercised serious restrictions on prescription drug advertising – a highly commendable position to take. But the mighty government caved in to pressures from the even mightier drug companies, in the mid-1990s, and that started the tidal wave that would injure and kill well over 1,000,000 people within 20 years.

1,000,000 dead people in 20 years, yet the government’s talking head – the CDC – has the nerve to yammer about the dangers of measles?

The drug industry argues this is all about “educating” the consumer. But one slightly intoxicated ad executive was more candid, when he bragged that their real goal is to “drive patients to their doctors.” Reuters Business Insight, a publication for investors, explained that the future of the drug industry depends on its ability to “create new disease markets. The coming years will bear greater witness to the corporate-sponsored creation of disease.”

Spending on drug ads went up 300% between 1996-2001 and has now reached $10,000,000 a week. Consider that 20 years ago the typical adult had 7 prescriptions written per year. Now it’s 14. Lowes and Home Depot now sell “double-wide” medicine cabinets to accommodate America’s drugged-up citizenry.

Advertising is merely one way the drug cartels sway public opinion. They also pour millions of dollars into patient advocacy groups, such as Children with Attention Deficit Disorder. They persuade physicians to push for ever-more expanding definitions of disease. When Attention Deficit Disorder was anointed to disease status in 1985, the number of children suddenly “diagnosed” with ADD went up 500%.

Girl Scouts USA now requires that every camp in the nation employs a “medication nurse” to dole out the pills. No small chore, since 30% of Girl Scout campers are now on drugs.

There was a time in America when Medicine was about science. Now it’s about costermongering in lab coats. It used to be about healing people. Now it’s about convincing healthy people they are sick – for immoral profit..

Over the past half-century, healthcare has mutated from the polite pursuits of limited effectiveness, to a rapacious reptile killing millions while raking in trillions.

Doctors have become the neo-priests. Nurses are the nuns. Hospitals have become our churches, where we kneel and pray and stop thinking.

Or, as two very bright song writers once told us . . .

“And the people bowed and prayed, to the neon god they made.” (Simon & Garfunkel, “Sounds of Silence”)

A mentally sluggish society is very easy to manipulate.


2 thoughts on “Let’s All Drug Our Way to Heaven

  1. Ron says:

    All true. Profit driven health care will always be more about profit than health care. If we were really serious about providing quality health care for everyone, we would have to begin by getting the private insurance companies out of it, then enrolling everyone into a single, monolithic single-payer system.
    A restrictive formulary would be next, then poof of efficacy and cost effectiveness. Bidding, of course, would be an absolute must, and that would include certified foreign suppliers. New patents for analogs of existing drugs would not be allowed without absolute proof of some advantage. Gifts to doctors would be absolutely verboten, as would payment for pseudo-seminars/golf outings. Ethical violations and false claims could result in a temporary suspension of a convicted supplier, and new patents for reformulation or new dosage form of existing drugs would not be permitted.
    The pharmaceutical companies have been getting a free ride for a very long time.

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