When it Comes to Healthcare, Are You as Smart as a Bird?

Welcome. Good of you to stop by. It’s also smart of you to stop by. There’s simply no better place to get your weekly dose of medical reality therapy. And even though some of the doctor shenanigans we present are thigh-slapping hilarious, the underlying facts are no laughing matter. Because our national healthcare machine is downright rapacious, and that puts you – the patient – right in the crosshairs of a deadly weapon.

Now, here’s something that needs to be stressed, and it’s important: in those cases mentioned on this site, we adhere to the following protocol:

  • Names of the miscreants are omitted if the facts of the case are dubious at the time we go to print
  • Names are also omitted if the incident cannot be verified by three solid reporting sources
  • In each instance where names are indeed included, we provide the quickest possible route for you to verify the “who-what-when-where” of the story. And that route is right here – the Paramedic Heretic’s Medical Miscreant website.

In every case, when it comes to this site, keep in mind the individuals themselves are not the story. Quite the contrary. The narrative here is to accurately underscore the pervasiveness of lunacy among those we hold in highest esteem. The purpose here, is to educate you as to the appalling volume, the breadth and the depth of misbehavior going on, so you will – God willing – become an ever-increasing skeptic anytime you find yourself in the presence of an alien life-form in a lab coat. Are you catching the way we’re drifting?

No professional in America errs more unashamedly; steals more money; injures and kills more citizens, than does the errant physician population. And those are the ugly facts.

The sad reality is, what modern healthcare should be doing is cleaning house and taking out the garbage. But just like recalcitrant teenagers, they refuse to do so until they see they have no choice. You want an example? Here’s a terrific example of why we do what we do. Sit back and watch this one: 


Now you tell us: how much more garbage-level physician behavior do you reckon it should take, before we all invest a little anger?

We’re the Paramedic Heretic. As such, we prefer transparency to political expediency.

We assume you already know that 98% of MDs, PHDs and the whole-strange, range of other “D’s” are probably ethical and competent. So what you need is some “Fair & Balance” in your brain diet. So we’re the site that focuses on the rest of them – the 2% Lunatic Fringe. We expose the side of medicine you REALLY need to know about. This is the site that reveals the Ogres and Witches, the Warlocks and Demons, Sorcerers and Scoundrels, Rascals Charlatans and the Picaroons, in lab coats. We tell you what your doctors and nurses could tell you – and what they damned well ought to tell you – but don’t. And that’s who to avoid.

We’re the site that reveals how modern medicine has swerved so far off the path called “normal” that it routinely hides the bogeymen. When our fearless leaders talk about the Affordable Care Act, they’re talking about a system that is – at its best – inexpensive enough for people to pay for. When we talk “affordable care” we’re discussing the details of whether you can afford to risk your life to walk through the healthcare doors in the first place. And, can you trust what they do and say once you get there.

And chuckling a bit seems to ease the grinding of our teeth as we look around at the debris field. Why? Because errant ‘healthcare’ damages and kills more good people than anything – including wars.


Do I LOOK like I trust doctors? I don’t even trust cute kids.

Consider this, please: have you ever seen a sweet, innocent little sparrow, sitting on a low tree limb, just primping himself and being too cute for words? Maybe you even want to reach out and pick him up for a minute and touch his delicate feathers and tell him what a nifty little creature he is. Maybe you want him to eat right out of your hand. Does he let you? Hell no. He’s had a few hundred thousand years of DNA programming that tells him humans are not to be trusted. He flies away at the first movement of your hand.

And that innate skepticism is . . .  precisely what keeps birds alive. 

Innate skepticism at the core of creature survival. What a brilliant concept.

So here’s our question of the day: are you as smart as a bird?



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