Will Trump Drain the Drug Cartel Swamp? Guess We’ll Find Out

According to Reuters, since 2011 the top drug suppliers in the United States have increased the cost of medications for such common ailments as arthritis, high cholesterol and asthma, by up to 100%.


But now, it seems that our President-elect appears ready to go nose-to-nose with the legal drug cartels. Yes, Donald Trump reports that he has every intention of forcing pharmaceutical companies  into competitive bidding, when it comes to supplying prescription medications to the federal government, which buys more than $320,000,000,000 a year in prescription drugs.

In addition, Mr. Trump has launched a new investigatory commission to look into dangerous vaccine ingredients like Thimerosal –made from the toxic heavy metal mercury, which causes neurological damage. Not a bad idea. Is this really something that should have gone on for 40 years?

Listen up: it is almost impossible to exaggerate the stunning dysfunction of the American medical system, when it comes to drugs. The ugly money-grab schemes of Martin Shkreli are simply a recent, headline-grabbing example of drug-greed on steroids. There are a ton of others.

Did you know that drug-makers are allowed to monopolize product sales because they enjoy government immunity from the normal ebb & flow of market dynamics?

They have been given immoral permission to establish political clout that shields them from government regulation that others must obey – and that fact alone merits public outrage. Drug-makers take full advantage of taxpayer-funded researchwhich is monstrously unethical by any measure. As a result, they rake in jaw-dropping profits, even by Fortune 500 standards, paying their CEOs as much as $180 million a year. These corporations spend far more on incessant marketing to consumers and doctors, than they do on research – and they repeatedly lie about why medicines are so expensive.

So regardless of your political leanings, we should all hope that our new President can at least make an appropriate dent, in the swath of carnage that drug cartels have created in our drug-dependent, mentally sluggish society.



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