Naked Ladies, a Dodgy Doctor and a Cell Phone by the Toilet. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Let us guess: You thought daffy doc behavior would go out with the old year. Fresh year, fresh start? Surprise!

In the great northwest province of British Columbia a Canadian physician meekly admitted in Victoria Provincial Court yesterday that, why yes indeed, that was his nifty cell phone perched secretly near the lady’s potty. Wonder how THAT got there?

Doctor Mark David Thiessen then proceeded to confess to his cool little plan to record his female staff members using the bathroom at the Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic. His arrest and criminal charges were the result of his sneaky shenanigans coming to light, when an employee saw a the cell phone positioned near the toilet.

Saanich Police Sergeant Jereme Leslie conducted an investigation into the rather odd matter, and then recommended a single charge of Voyeurism to the Crown Counsel last summer.


Dr Mark David Thiessen

“In this particular circumstance, Voyeurism is the appropriate charge,” Leslie said. He added that there was no evidence the camera had been there for more than one day.

In keeping with the way Western society coddles physician criminals, Thiessen is still allowed to work and undress people for money. Yes, indeedy. For although he was terminated by the Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic, he is still allowed to work at the Admirals Medical Clinic in the town of View Royal. The British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons has mandated that he have an adult baby sitter present, whenever he performs physical examinations on female patients. Mind you, he can still play with their bodies. Why, who needs a secret camera anyway?

A doctor required to have a babysitter while undressing ladies. How about that. Seems wholly appropriate, wouldn’t you say?

Horny-toad Thiessen is scheduled to be sentenced next week. Not to worry. The miscreant won’t even come close to having his license revoked. After all, he’s a . . . well, you know the story by now.

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2 thoughts on “Naked Ladies, a Dodgy Doctor and a Cell Phone by the Toilet. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  1. Doctor Watchdog says:

    Best for women to avoid male doctors altogether.

  2. Designer says:

    I enjoy reading the Medical Miscreant site! Very unpredictable content each week. Terrific stuff.

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