Health Insurance Cyber Attack ‘Most Likely’ Done by a Foreign Government

cyber-attack-artInternet forensic investigators now report that, “a foreign government was most likely” the source of a massive cyber attack of Anthem Incorporated.  Anthem is the largest for-profit, managed healthcare company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield umbrella. They were founded more than 70 years ago, and up till 2014, they were known as WellPoint, Incorporated.

The report says that “foreign actors” illegally broke into Anthem’s database 23 months ago, in February 2014. At some point after that, they were able to access the computer system remotely, which allowed them to breach nearly 100 other internal insurance provider data systems.


Because of this stunning personal and professional data protection failure, the cyber attackers now have the private information – employment records, Social Security numbers, birthdates and far, far more – of at least 78,000,000 patients, patient’s families and employees.

Insurance Commissioner David Jones stressed in his announcement that investigators believe – “with a significant degree of confidence” – that the unknown intruders were operating at the direction of a foreign government. As yet they have not revealed whether they know – or if they will say – which government is at fault.

Once Anthem learned of the attack, they say they immediately made every effort to shut down the security vulnerabilities,  contacted the FBI and cooperated with law enforcement. They then hired Mandiant, a highly-respected cyber-security company, in order to assess system weaknesses and create solutions.

Here’s another look at America’s problematic healthcare systems:




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