Medical Miscreants Honors ‘Public Citizen’ Request for Assistance


Dear Patrick:

I’m afraid you won’t believe this. Hospitals throughout America may soon be allowed to force inexperienced “interns” — medical school graduates in their first year of on-the-job training — to work 28-hour shifts without sleep.

Do you think our nation’s hospitals should be filled with sleep-deprived novice doctors?

When they don’t get enough sleep, doctor trainees are more likely to make mistakes that injure or even kill their patients, and more likely to get hurt themselves.

But hospitals are trying to squeeze even more profits out of our pain and suffering by overworking their employees. Hospitals should NOT be run like sweatshops!

Please ask your readers to let their voices be known, by asking them to act now.

Add your name to oppose letting America’s hospitals require inexperienced doctors-in-training to work 28-hour shifts without sleep.

Sign the petition now.

Thank you for your years of taking action to protect patients.




Robert Weissman
President, Public Citizen





Here are a few areas where Public Citizen looks out for you:

Doctor Discipline

Ethics in Clinical Trials

Find out how well your state is protecting patients from reckless or negligent doctors. Public Citizen exposes unethical trials and fights for protections for human subjects in medical research.



Read what Public Citizen has to say about the most outrageous offenses in the world of public health. Health care is a right. Join us in our fight for single-payer health insurance.

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