Doctor Crime Spree for 2016? 6,214 Serious Sanctions/Convictions. Here’s Just One E.T. in a Lab Coat

“Doctor Newman masturbated at her bedside and ejaculated on her face.  Spermatozoa was found on her eye, and DNA from her cheek and eye match Doctor Newman’s DNA.” (Assistant District Attorney Eun-Ha Kim)

dr-david-h-newmanOn Friday December 16 a well-known New York physician confessed in Manhattan Supreme Court to sexually attacking 4 female patients in a hospital. At least one of them was assaulted twice.

By admitting his unspeakable behavior this lab coat pervert spares the state the time and expense of a jury trial. So New York was very appreciative. They allowed a sexual predator-MD to negotiate a plea deal. In place of an appropriate prison term, the judge will send him away for 24 months.

In the meantime. of course, this stethoscope scallywag is walking the streets, out on bail. Because that’s how we severely punish bad doctors in this country.


“These compulsions twisted my brain.” (David H Newman, MD)


Yes, you heard us right. What does a doctor convicted of 5 felony sexual assaults get? Why, 2 whole years in jail, thank you for asking.

Go ahead, go wild. It’s a new year. When you get to work tomorrow, try sexually assaulting ONE woman while on the job. See how short YOUR prison term is.


What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2017? How about this: stop kneeling and praying at the altar of the Church of Modern Medicine. Do some homework, for God sake.


45-year-old Doctor David H. Newman finally confessed that, why yes, he really did inject a 22-year-old woman with the sedative Propofol after she arrived in the ER at Mount Sinai Hospital with shoulder pain. It was all pretty simple, really. After she went unconscious on the hospital bed he closed the door, unzipped his trousers and ejaculating on her face. The poor victim testified that she awoke during the attack.

This disgusting excuse for an MD also admitted to sexually groping at least 3 other women during their visits to the ER over a 3-month period that began in the summer of 2015. The unnamed women were all between the ages of 18-21.

In court Judge Michael Obus asked the defendant this: “On January 12, 2016, you subjected the victim to sexual contact while she was incapable of giving consent. Do you enter a plea of guilty on that charge?” 

Newman, who regrettably has spawned 2 children, answered this way: “I administered an unnecessary dose of Propofol, causing her to be unable to talk or respond, leaving her unconscious and masturbating next to her. Also, on three other occasions, I unnecessarily sexually touched patients during treatment. These compulsions twisted my brain, and I am so deeply sorry to all of these victims.”

A spokesperson for Mount Sinai hospital said that they fired Newman and cooperated with law enforcement.

We think that was probably a pretty bright idea.



4 thoughts on “Doctor Crime Spree for 2016? 6,214 Serious Sanctions/Convictions. Here’s Just One E.T. in a Lab Coat

  1. OMG! Only 24 months and no psychiatric evaluation.

  2. Doctor Watchdog says:

    The sad part is that at some point he will be “rehabilitated” and in practice again somewhere.

  3. Jim says:

    Hi, I log on to your medical blog like, every week.

    Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

  4. Ruthie.Jeppesen says:

    Spot on wіtҺ tҺis write-up.

    I reaⅼly believe this website deserves far more attention. Ι’ll bе back again to read more medical news. Thaոks for thе advice!

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