Did You Hear the One About the Doctor Who Buried the Body in His Back Yard?


Dr William Lewek

The New York State Medical Board has finally gotten around to revoking the medical license of one of its freakiest physicians. You can bet your last dollar they really didn’t want to. You see, the recipe for cooking up a medical board includes a dollop of doctors; a gallon of gall and a codswallop of more doctors. And these half-baked MDs aren’t about to punish other criminal MDs until they quite literally see no way to wiggle out of it.

Anybody who really believes the primary mission of state medical boards is “patient safety” needs to trundle on back to Lala Land before the fresh air of reality makes you dizzy.

It was 2 years ago in Rochester New York when Doctor William Lewek confessed in court that, “well gee, maybe I did bury a body in my backyard.”

You think we’re kidding?


How would you feel about YOUR doctor having one of these in his backyard?

This lab coat loon told Monroe County Court Judge Christopher Ciaccio that he hid the body of a missing man in his yard for months after the man died, and watched on television news as police and family of Matthew Straton, age 32, searched the city for him. “But I didn’t kill him.”

Of course after 3 months, ‘evidence’ of a murder would be long gone. So Lewek, now age 64, was charged with, and found guilty of, nothing more than Physical Evidence Tampering. 

“Evidence tampering.” Sounds a little puny for dragging somebody’s family member  outside like a bag of garbage and burying the corpse under a pile of frozen dirt. But maybe that’s just us.  Lewek, who happens to be a psychiatrist, was arrested in January 2014 after detectives found the body of Straton under the lawn of Lewek’s home and office, located on Rowley Street in Rochester. Straton had disappeared in October 2013.

Outside the courtroom, Straton’s mother Kym said she’s thankful she won’t have to go through a trial.

“We want him to be held accountable for what he did,” Kym said. “I have to trust the judge will make the right decision. They just can’t prove that the doctor killed him. The evidence looks like my brother overdosed. I want to spare my family of having to listen to the last moments of Matt’s life.”

“I can assure the public. Had we been able to charge this doctor with homicide, we absolutely would have pursued it,” Assistant District Attorney Kelly Wolford said. “We charged him with all we could under the law.”

So Loony Lewek got 4 years in state prison, and 2 years later the state medical board arrived at the Olympian brain-trust decision that, well, maybe the guy shouldn’t be considered a “physician in good standing” after all.

How long do you think it would take a committee of 5th graders to come to the same conclusion?

Good ol’ U.S. healthcare. Doctors digging graves in the night. State medical boards at the helm. Yeah. We’re in good hands.


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