Psycho Psychiatrist Caught Sneaking into Courthouse to Scuttle Jury Decision


Dr Marshall Hubsher

“The integrity of the jury process is at the heart of our justice system. We will not tolerate anyone trying to tamper with or threaten jurors in Nassau County.” (District Attorney Madeline Singas)

In Long Island New York one of the Big Apple’s freakier physicians thought it might be a bright idea last Spring to sneak into a courthouse in sporty disguise. Then, totally unrecognizable, he slipped past security and made his way down a rear corridor and into the vacant jury room. There, he stuck fake jury instructions onto all 4 walls, with the juvenile goal of swaying the jury in his favor. He taped notes on the doors and tables too, all mentioning, “reasonable doubt” and “faulty witness memory.”

You see, it was pretty important for this lab coat idiot to get the jury deliberating his fate to second guess the prosecution, because the physician was being charged for rape.

His name is Doctor Marshall Hubsher, age 67, and he was caught on security camera on March 21, entering Nassau County Supreme Court, sporting a baseball cap and a leather jacket and toting an armful of newspapers. This occurred while he was on trial but out on bail.

Hubsher, a psychiatrist, was then seen on camera  leaving the courthouse, dressed in a formal suit and using a walker.

At trial the jury was reviewing the details of the sexual assault case. Hubsher was accused of raping an adult woman patient he was treating for depression in 2012.

Hubsher pleaded not guilty to 13 counts of attempted Jury Tampering and Burglary.

He was found guilty in the patient rape case and sentenced to 3 years. He could get 7 years in prison if convicted on the Jury Tampering charges.

Like so many thousands of criminal doctors, Hubsher could have been stopped many years before his most recent crimes. He was convicted on federal drug charges in 1982 after 2,000 Quaaludes were found in his office. He was convicted 5 years later, in 1987, for falsifying Medical records in order to steal money from Medicaid.

Did the state medical board revoke his license after his first set of felonies?

Of course not.

Here’s another look at this American medical embarrassment:


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