Chicago Doctor-Crook “Guilty” in Home Health Insurance Fraud Scheme


Bad CEO. Bad Doctor. Bad combination.


In Tinley Park Illinois a physician found guilty one year ago of insurance fraud has finally been sentenced to three and one-half years in state prison for his crimes. U.S. District Judge John Tharp pronounced the sentence Friday, according to FBI spokesman Garrett Croon.

Doctor Banio Koroma, age 66, was convicted last January in a jury trial in federal court, on two counts of Healthcare Fraud and two counts of lying in matters of health. According to a press release by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Koroma will be jailed for 40 months and has been ordered to repay $1,500,000 he stole..

Koroma was employed as a contract MD by a group called Mobile Doctors, which scheduled  in-home patient visits in multiple states, including Indiana and Michigan. After the insurance scam was discovered, Mobile Doctors was shut down in 2013.

At trial, prosecutors told the court that Koroma would routinely document that patients were so sick they needed to remain homebound. It truth, the patients were not homebound at all, and almost never needed the medical services he ordered. The fake documentation in one patient alone allowed Mobile Doctors to bilk Medicare for $45,000.

The federal investigation into Mobile Doctors billing scam resulted in the conviction of the company’s CEO, Dike Ajiri in 2015. He confessed in court to illegally padding medical bills, and stealing $1,850,000 from Medicare and the Railroad Retirement Board insurance

Here’s another look at these lab coat scamsters:


2 thoughts on “Chicago Doctor-Crook “Guilty” in Home Health Insurance Fraud Scheme

  1. I am not sure where you aгe ցetting your info, ɦowever great topics.
    I must spend some time finding out more and undeгstanding more.

    Thɑnks ffor the fantastic info and I look forward to more.

    • Raphael –

      Well, here’s the deal and it’s surprisingly simple: we get our stories from hundreds of different sources – many of them emailed to us by nurses, medics, hospital staff members and – believe it or not – doctors too, who often are, in the end, embarrassed by the crimes of their peers.

      We then determine the accuracy of their stories, mostly by comparing law enforcement reports – such as FBI and DOJ and DEA press releases. The federal courts and most county courts issue case findings to the press also, and that information can often be found on their own court case websites.

      When we have at least 3 separate, independent reports on the same case, we write the story in our own words.

      One other note you might find interesting: over the past 5 years, we have only published 1 out of every 28 cases we heard about. In other words, we only end up covering 3 or 4 out of every 100 crimes that are happening. We like to reveal subjects that are interesting, and we only expose those that can be proven.

      Thanks for asking.

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