Remember Doctor ‘Sneak-a-Snake?’ Convicted of 2 Felonies, Medical Board Says “Keep Your License”

Doctor ‘Sneak-a-Snake’ Gets Slap on the Degreed Tushy for Stalking


How lenient do you suppose the California Medical Board members would be, if they woke up to this in THEIR bedrooms?

In a case that raised eyebrows even within the Twilight Zone of medicine, a Monterey California MD is being allowed to keep her medical license, in spite of her bizarre-world stalking of her estranged doctor-husband. And perhaps the only aspect of this case stranger than the doctors freak-show behavior, is the jaw-dropping decision by the California Medical Board that she still be considered “a physician in good standing”.


Gone are the days when society could shame doctors into civilized behavior

Doctor Mary Kay Brewster, you see, was sentenced last January in Monterey County Court by Judge Mark Hood, to 5 months of “house confinement” and 3 years felony probation.

She was convicted of Felony Vandalism, Felony Stalking and Trespassing. Prosecutor Steven Somers told the court that when the Brewsters’ marriage fell apart, the doctor started a pattern of stalking and harassing her husband and his new girlfriend. Among other teenage shenanigans, she would routinely text profane messages to him, and call his phone over and over throughout the night. A woman scorned, you know.

Brewster, a 58-year-old gynecologist, is well regarded at  Monterey Peninsula Community Hospital, even after her slinky surprise. Patients and staff can be curiously supportive in the face of other people’s reptilian behavior. As long as it isn’t directed at, you know, them.

The criminal investigation revealed that the doctor physically assaulted her ex; poisoned his plants and vandalized  the new girlfriend’s car, a nurse at Community Hospital.

It did not help her case when police found her diary detailing her obsession. A search warrant revealed the writings, with entry after entry showing her preoccupation and hatred of her stalking victims.

Brewster’s revenge culminated when she bought a four-foot-long python and a bagful of live rats at a nearby pet store. She then broke into her ex-husband’s home while he was away  and released the rats and snake in his bedroom. She even left some food for the rats. It was the new girlfriend who stumbled upon the surprises. They say her screams were apparently heard a block away.

Now, will this out-of-control wing nut be allowed to continue treating patients in the state of California?

Of course she will. Just 2 weeks ago she sat in a medical board hearing and was  advised she will not have her medical license revoked. The California State Medical Board is run by – and you may need to hold your ponies here – other doctors. And if you think a group of physicians is going to pull the license of another doctor over vandalism, assault, harassment, breaking & entering, sneaking a large snake into a bedroom, and just all-around garbage-level behavior of trailer trash on steroids – you don’t know much about American medicine’s lab coat conspiracy. 

Take a peek for yourself: Here’s what you’ll find on this medical muttonhead if you decide to search Brewster’s California State Medical Board file:

  License: G 84568
  Case Number: 8002014005285

2 thoughts on “Remember Doctor ‘Sneak-a-Snake?’ Convicted of 2 Felonies, Medical Board Says “Keep Your License”

  1. Ron Slade, Pharm.D. says:

    We had a dermatologist who loved snakes—he kept them in his home—but hated people. If I recall, he called people a “cancerous growth on the face of the earth.”
    I had returned to the hospital pharmacy one evening to do some paper work, when the phone rang. A nurse wanted to know if I had plenty of anti-venin. I told her that I did provided it was crotalidae and not coral snake anti-venin she needed. It was, and it was much later in the evening when the first vials were ordered—a lot of them .
    Bottom line: This poor fellow lost his foot because this ass hole M.D.was convinced the patient was hysterical, had not been bitten because he had obliterated the fang marks with his knife, and by the time he was treated it was too late to save his foot.
    Action taken: none.

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