Medical Monsters: Not Only in America


In a tuxedo they look almost respectable, don’t they?

“Michael Salmon abused his position as a pediatrician and took advantage of his status and circumstances to sexually abuse the children, during medical examinations, for his own sexual gratification. (Nina Maisuria, Senior Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service)

In the city of Reading England an 81-year-old physician, already in prison for patient rape, has been found guilty of 14 more sex-related crimes.

Doctor Michael Salmon, who was a resident of Britford, Salisbury when he was convicted in the first case, was convicted this time in Reading Crown Court after an 8-week trial.

The court listened to the testimony of 18 more female victims, all between the ages of 8-15 at the time of the assaults. According to the court record, all of the additional attacks occurred at multiple Salisbury county hospitals where he was employed as a pediatrician.



But catch some MDs out of costume and what do you get?

At trial, the freaky physician admitted that he kept a copy of the book, “The Joy of Sex” in his child examination room.


The girls had come to be treated for various medical complaints, such as severe headaches, stomach pains and seizures. But in almost every case, the lecherous physician’s exams involved highly unprofessional groping, and often totally unwarranted vaginal and rectal manipulations on the poor children.

One victim, for example, testified that she had arrived at the clinic with an inner ear problem. She told the court that the doctor insisted she undress, after which he put his hands on her naked body inappropriately for “quite some time”. And he never did get around to examining her ears.

Other young victims were also ordered to disrobe, during which time Salmon would talk about sex while touching them.

During the trial Salmon was described by the defense as a consulting pediatrician who was well-known professionally and highly regarded. The court heard repeatedly that he was trusted by his child patients as well as their parents.

Investigator Emma Barlow told the news media that, “Following the doctor’s convictions in 1990 and 2015, victims had the strength to report what had happened to them during their medical visits. Mr Salmon abused the trust placed in him in the most vile way for his own sexual gratification.”

Throughout the trial the doctor described the testimony of his victims as “fantasy, nonsense and fairytales.”

The court disagreed, and now sexual predator Salmon has been convicted of a total of 28 felony assaults on 20 children, in 3 separate trials over 25 years. His medical license was revoked in 1991 after he admitted then to 3 indecent assaults on young female patients. But he was never jailed until February 2015, when he was sentenced to an 18-year term for 2 rapes and 9 indecent assaults.

Salmon was a child care specialist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

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