More Daily Doctor Doo-doo. Take a peek at This Lab-coat Loon in Australia

“We are thankful that this outcome protects the community from this doctor, from practitioners who think they’re above the law. But the sadness never goes away.” (Tracey Wiggins, daughter of the dead mother)


Guess who killed Christine Crickitt?

In Australia’s NSW (New South Wales is a state) Supreme Court earlier today a horny-toad physician was found guilty of Murder in the death of his wife.

Doctor Brian Kenneth Crickitt, a 63-year-old general practitioner in Sidney, was just this morning convicted of killing Christine Crickitt, age 58.

The monster MD had denied murdering his wife, which happened 6 years ago, on New Year’s Eve, 2010 at their Sydney suburb home. Sure, it was New Year’s. And yeah, he had a newly dead wife. And yeah, he had a new, sexy mistress. And yeah, he’d soon have a brand new wad of life insurance cash coming his way. But . . . but, that was all an amazing coincidence.

But investigators learned, among other odd matters, that Crickitt had done a significant number searches on the internet pertaining to insulin overdoses, just before she died. In his previous years as a doctor, he had never done that. And there was plenty more evidence than that.

At Campbelltown Medical and Dental Centre, he wrote a prescription for quick-acting insulin for a patient who had no need for it at all. He then deleted the prescription from the clinic computer system – something he was never known to have done before. And after that, he drove to a drug store and had the unneeded prescription filled for one of his patients. Apparently this stethoscope twit failed to consider that a patient might ever testify they never got the prescription he wrote.

When is the last time YOUR doctor ran a pharmacy errand for YOU?

Christine Crickitt died from an insulin injection of that exact type, within hours.

“The Crown’s case is that on the night of December 31, the accused injected his wife in her buttock with a lethal dose of insulin with the intention of murdering her. He waited at home until she was either dead or comatose, so that without medical intervention she would die. He then left the house at 2:00 in the morning to spend the night with Linda Livermore.” (Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi)


Get rid of the old wife using doctor skills; fetch a new wife using doctor charms.

Judge Clifton Hoeben, who heard the trial with no jury, determined that the doctor had indeed used a prescription written for one of his patients, to illegally obtain the insulin from a neighborhood pharmacy. The insulin he purchased was indeed the rapid absorption kind – the kind that kills quickly and leaves practically no trace in the system to be found on autopsy. The judge agreed with the Crown (the prosecution) that Crikitt’s motivation to kill his wife was certainly twofold: he wanted a future with his mistress, Linda Livermore – not his wife. And he wanted his wife’s life insurance payout, to help finance the adventure. She was insured in the amount of $565,000 in the event of her death.

This doctor was not the brightest bulb in the surgical suite: 2 days after his wife’s death he gave his mistress his dead wife’s car. Who’s gonna notice?

Christine Crickitt’s adult children by a previous marriage, noticed. And they testified in court they were stunned by their step-father’s weird behavior, like holding hands with some woman at the mortuary. And they were extremely upset and confused that he insisted their mother be cremated instead of buried.

The killer doctor, who’s been out on bail for 4 years entertaining his new lady while his case moved through the legal system, is now finally locked in a cage. He is scheduled to be  sentenced in early 2017.

Here’s another look:



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  1. Wonderful site. Plenty of helpful medical information here. I am sending it to some friends.
    Thanks so much for your efforts to get these stories out!

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