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Did You Hear the One About the Doctor Who Buried the Body in His Back Yard?


Dr William Lewek

The New York State Medical Board has finally gotten around to revoking the medical license of one of its freakiest physicians. You can bet your last dollar they really didn’t want to. You see, the recipe for cooking up a medical board includes a dollop of doctors; a gallon of gall and a codswallop of more doctors. And these half-baked MDs aren’t about to punish other criminal MDs until they quite literally see no way to wiggle out of it.

Anybody who really believes the primary mission of state medical boards is “patient safety” needs to trundle on back to Lala Land before the fresh air of reality makes you dizzy.

It was 2 years ago in Rochester New York when Doctor William Lewek confessed in court that, “well gee, maybe I did bury a body in my backyard.”

You think we’re kidding?


How would you feel about YOUR doctor having one of these in his backyard?

This lab coat loon told Monroe County Court Judge Christopher Ciaccio that he hid the body of a missing man in his yard for months after the man died, and watched on television news as police and family of Matthew Straton, age 32, searched the city for him. “But I didn’t kill him.”

Of course after 3 months, ‘evidence’ of a murder would be long gone. So Lewek, now age 64, was charged with, and found guilty of, nothing more than Physical Evidence Tampering. 

“Evidence tampering.” Sounds a little puny for dragging somebody’s family member  outside like a bag of garbage and burying the corpse under a pile of frozen dirt. But maybe that’s just us.  Lewek, who happens to be a psychiatrist, was arrested in January 2014 after detectives found the body of Straton under the lawn of Lewek’s home and office, located on Rowley Street in Rochester. Straton had disappeared in October 2013.

Outside the courtroom, Straton’s mother Kym said she’s thankful she won’t have to go through a trial.

“We want him to be held accountable for what he did,” Kym said. “I have to trust the judge will make the right decision. They just can’t prove that the doctor killed him. The evidence looks like my brother overdosed. I want to spare my family of having to listen to the last moments of Matt’s life.”

“I can assure the public. Had we been able to charge this doctor with homicide, we absolutely would have pursued it,” Assistant District Attorney Kelly Wolford said. “We charged him with all we could under the law.”

So Loony Lewek got 4 years in state prison, and 2 years later the state medical board arrived at the Olympian brain-trust decision that, well, maybe the guy shouldn’t be considered a “physician in good standing” after all.

How long do you think it would take a committee of 5th graders to come to the same conclusion?

Good ol’ U.S. healthcare. Doctors digging graves in the night. State medical boards at the helm. Yeah. We’re in good hands.

Does ‘Medical Miscreants’ Exaggerate? You Tell Us

You be the judge.

What crime do you suppose THIS doctor was convicted of?


Doctor Aaron Voon, child psychiatrist, Perth Australia, arriving at court 

Doctor Aaron Szen Yang Voon, age 41, confessed in Perth Magistrates Court to 9 separate charges, including filming boys in public urinals and producing and possessing child pornography material in 4 countries: Canada, the U.S., New Zealand and Australia.


Psycho Psychiatrist Caught Sneaking into Courthouse to Scuttle Jury Decision


Dr Marshall Hubsher

“The integrity of the jury process is at the heart of our justice system. We will not tolerate anyone trying to tamper with or threaten jurors in Nassau County.” (District Attorney Madeline Singas)

In Long Island New York one of the Big Apple’s freakier physicians thought it might be a bright idea last Spring to sneak into a courthouse in sporty disguise. Then, totally unrecognizable, he slipped past security and made his way down a rear corridor and into the vacant jury room. There, he stuck fake jury instructions onto all 4 walls, with the juvenile goal of swaying the jury in his favor. He taped notes on the doors and tables too, all mentioning, “reasonable doubt” and “faulty witness memory.”

You see, it was pretty important for this lab coat idiot to get the jury deliberating his fate to second guess the prosecution, because the physician was being charged for rape.

His name is Doctor Marshall Hubsher, age 67, and he was caught on security camera on March 21, entering Nassau County Supreme Court, sporting a baseball cap and a leather jacket and toting an armful of newspapers. This occurred while he was on trial but out on bail.

Hubsher, a psychiatrist, was then seen on camera  leaving the courthouse, dressed in a formal suit and using a walker.

At trial the jury was reviewing the details of the sexual assault case. Hubsher was accused of raping an adult woman patient he was treating for depression in 2012.

Hubsher pleaded not guilty to 13 counts of attempted Jury Tampering and Burglary.

He was found guilty in the patient rape case and sentenced to 3 years. He could get 7 years in prison if convicted on the Jury Tampering charges.

Like so many thousands of criminal doctors, Hubsher could have been stopped many years before his most recent crimes. He was convicted on federal drug charges in 1982 after 2,000 Quaaludes were found in his office. He was convicted 5 years later, in 1987, for falsifying Medical records in order to steal money from Medicaid.

Did the state medical board revoke his license after his first set of felonies?

Of course not.

Here’s another look at this American medical embarrassment:


Chicago Doctor-Crook “Guilty” in Home Health Insurance Fraud Scheme


Bad CEO. Bad Doctor. Bad combination.


In Tinley Park Illinois a physician found guilty one year ago of insurance fraud has finally been sentenced to three and one-half years in state prison for his crimes. U.S. District Judge John Tharp pronounced the sentence Friday, according to FBI spokesman Garrett Croon.

Doctor Banio Koroma, age 66, was convicted last January in a jury trial in federal court, on two counts of Healthcare Fraud and two counts of lying in matters of health. According to a press release by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Koroma will be jailed for 40 months and has been ordered to repay $1,500,000 he stole..

Koroma was employed as a contract MD by a group called Mobile Doctors, which scheduled  in-home patient visits in multiple states, including Indiana and Michigan. After the insurance scam was discovered, Mobile Doctors was shut down in 2013.

At trial, prosecutors told the court that Koroma would routinely document that patients were so sick they needed to remain homebound. It truth, the patients were not homebound at all, and almost never needed the medical services he ordered. The fake documentation in one patient alone allowed Mobile Doctors to bilk Medicare for $45,000.

The federal investigation into Mobile Doctors billing scam resulted in the conviction of the company’s CEO, Dike Ajiri in 2015. He confessed in court to illegally padding medical bills, and stealing $1,850,000 from Medicare and the Railroad Retirement Board insurance

Here’s another look at these lab coat scamsters:



Murderous MD Finally Found Guilty, 14 Years Later

“We look forward to a sentence of life without parole for this murderer.”  (Maryland State Attorney John McCarthy)


Dr John Howard Lutz, crazed killer


In the state of Maryland a physician who butchered a young mental healthcare counselor 14 years ago has finally been convicted of First Degree Murder. He was found guilty this month in a case that was bogged down through his reported history of schizophrenia over 2 decades, and concluded that he was legally sane at the time of the murder.

Doctor John H. Lutz, now age 78 and confined to a wheelchair during the 10-day trial in Montgomery County Circuit Court, expressed no outward emotion when his verdict was read. Not much of a reason to, because in actuality, the finding of “guilty” means little more than a slight change of scenery. The homicidal MD will simply be relocated from a state mental institution – where he has lived since his arrest in 2002 – to Maryland State Prison.

Investigators told the court that on the day of the murder, March 20, 2002, the mad medicine man met with counselor Nicole Castro for a therapy session at his own apartment. He was 64 at the time. Castro, only 23, was employed as a mental health worker by Threshold Services, a private, non-profit organization that assists people with mental illness. With no known provocation, Lutz attacked and beat her. He then stabbed her in the neck, her face and her arms, investigators told the court. After the woman died he rolled her body up in bed sheets, carried her outside to an alleyway and tossed her near a dumpster. Police went to his door the next day and found the killer with bloodstains in the home and in his car.

Prosecutor McCarthy detailed the forensic findings and called it “a horrible crime”. He said Castro, “did not realize she had fallen prey to Doctor Lutz. She was a magnificent young woman only trying to help others.”

Lutz’s attorneys argued at trial that at the time of Castro’s death, the doctor was mentally ill and therefore not criminally responsible for the crime. For many years following his arrest, other physicians reported that Lutz was mentally incompetent. The sitting judge holds the final say in whether a case such as this should be brought to trial, and finally, in the Fall of 2014, Circuit Court Judge Ronald Rubin announced this: “This man is not delusional and does not suffer from auditory or visual hallucinations.”

It is not apparent from case records what exactly set off Lutz’s murderous rage toward to Ms. Castro.

Our question for the defense would have been very simple: if the doctor had no idea that what he was doing was wrong – why did he try to hide the body?