Girlfriend Confesses to Plotting to Murder Foot Doctor’s Wife


Kelly Gribeluk

The mistress of a New York physician, arrested in a murder conspiracy, admitted to plotting to have her podiatrist boyfriend’s wife killed, and pleaded guilty in September.

Kelly Gribeluk, along with Doctor Ira Bernstein, of Ramapo, was arrested in June for conspiring to pay a killer $100,000 to run over Bernstein’s wife and make it look like an accident.

Gribeluk, age 35, had been held in jail on $600,000 bail since her arrest, while Bernstein is out on on bond. She confessed to 3 counts of Conspiracy, for making 3 payments to have Susan Bernstein killed. The murder plot was discovered through investigator wiretaps and the doctor’s wife was not hurt.


Dr Ira Bernstein

Doctor Ira  Bernstein, age 42, and Kelly Gribeluk, were arrested on the the same Conspiracy indictment, but their cases are being tried separately. Assistant District Attorney Richard K Moran has not announced if Gribeluk will testify against the doctor in his upcoming trial.

Here’s more:




Dr Ira Bernstein; Atty Ken Gribitz


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