‘Third-World Assassins? Here’s Another Freaky Foreign Fissician Case

dr-handcuffedA full 14 years ago an Armenian-immigrant doctor faked his own death so he could get out of a serious criminal trial, in a case centered on his massive insurance fraud case in Newport Beach. He fled the country and disappeared. The year was 2002, and he was facing federal healthcare fraud charges, for stealing $2,400,000 from California’s MediCal insurance program.

Oh, it gets better.

Doctor Tigran Svadjian had been hiding in Egypt since 2002, working odd jobs, keeping a low profile, and making babies with new girlfriends. His poor abandoned wife Emilya and child in the U.S. were, well, simply a part of his old life now. He was working as a scuba instructor on a beach and no one in America knew where he was. He now went by the name of Vasily Petrosov. Things were going along swimmingly until he decided to use a fake passport to fly to  Russia. Big mistake. What this arrogant fool didn’t realize is that – in our modern era of terrorists blowing things up – passports at airports get very close scrutiny. And his bogus Lithuanian documents looked kinda . . . well, sketchy.

Bad boy Tigran had scammed his way out of the U.S., you see, by convincing Los Angeles law enforcement he needed to go to Russia to see his dying mother. And even though he had been arrested on a felony charge, police believed his story and let him go because he was . . . you guessed it – a doctor. And as we all know, doctors just don’t lie. When it comes to people in lab coats, you see, even police can be dumber than a 5th grader.

Not long after he left, police in L.A. were notified by a scamming doctor in Russia that Svadjian had gotten sick and died of pneumonia. When they asked to see a mortuary picture they were told, ‘sorry. His body has already been cremated’. So the case was closed.

But surprise, surprise, Svadjian wasn’t really dead. He was traveling under yet another fake name – Viktoras Cajevkis, when he was arrested in the Ukraine in July and escorted back to Los Angeles by federal agents. Now age 58, he has confessed in court to being an Unlawful Fugitive – a felony that carries a 5-year federal sentence.

This particular Third World Assassin is expected to be sentenced in February in Los Angeles Federal Court on his Unlawful Fugitive status.

And what about the stolen $2,400,000 that helped finance his decade on the beach? California tax payers can forget it. Why?

That case was closed when they thought he’d died in Russia. So they tossed out all the evidence. How cool is that?

Here’s another look at this medical maniac:






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