Physician “Oversight”: a Typically Galling Case Study


Dr Howard Levy

In the city of Yucca Valley California a physician who has continued to step into medical-legal doo-doo for decades is – once again – under scrutiny for “multiple acts of negligence” according to the California State Osteopathic Medical Board.

In a case involving at least seven patients, the Medical Board believes Doctor Howard Levy routinely treated patients with medically unjustified protocols, and then deliberately created unreadable patient care charts, which in many cases, showed no true documentation or diagnosis at all.

Now, the State Medical Board is totally aware of this man’s ridiculously incompetent and illegal history, because his disrespect for standards of medical protocol has been going on for more than two decades. As far back as 2003, the Michigan Board of Osteopathic Medicine saw need to suspend Levy’s medical license, after he had been sanctioned 3 different times – and fined by them 4 times – over an 8-year period. He was found guilty of Medical Billing Fraud.

So what did wacko Levy do? He did what most criminal physicians do: he moved to another state and started all over. How is this possible? It’s possible because when it comes to deplorable behavior tolerance, American medical authorities take the same insane posture as law enforcement used to take with the Bonnie & Clyde bank robbers: “We can’t do anything, boys. They just crossed the state line!”

And what did the state of California do? They ignored his penchant for scams and relicensed him. When it comes to medical miscreants, new state = fresh start.

In the case under scrutiny now, Levy is believed to have continued where he left off – routine acts of negligent care; prescribing narcotics while performing no true physical exams, and churning out patient medical charts that look as though they have been scribbled by a chimpanzee on chocolate.

Among other goof-ups, Levy  uses “fill-in-the-blank medical forms”, and then refuses to fill in the blanks.

He must have had a hard time in grade school.

In at least one case, the Board found 2 sets of medical records for the same patient –strictly illegal. So they sent a lady undercover agent to Levy’s clinic 2 years ago to pose as a new patient with abdominal pain. Levy performed no physican exam at all. He prescribed her 2 serious narcotics – Norco and Percocet. He didn’t bother with the standard request to review her previous medical records. He didn’t bother with the basic blood draw and lab results to see what meds she was already on, or if she were a drug addict.

Other allegations in the complaint include the following:

One of his patients was actually a staff member. Levy treated her with IV vitamins, but  no adequate diagnosis regarding documentation why it was needed.

One patient suffered chronic back pain because of a worker’s comp injury. Levy injected that patient a stunning 50 times over 5 years, keeping no medical records.

Another patient suffered chronic pain when Levy started treating her in 2012. He performed no appropriate physical exams, according to the investigation. He treated her with muscle relaxants and antidepressants, but never evaluated their effect on the patient.

For his treatment of one patient, Levy was found culpable of juvenile medical record keeping. He was fined $15,000 and ordered to enroll in a medical record keeping class. You know, like an 8-grader.

Of course, even though this physician’s reckless “patient care” has been known by authorities for years,  he has still been allowed to keep his license, and continues playing with peoples’ bodies for money.

You see, state medical board’s view their #1 priority as this: keep doctors in business, even if they injure and kill patients and cheat the system.

One need look no further than the fact that in March, 2008, this character was “sanctioned’ yet again; placed on probation for 5 years; and kept right on truckin’.

The current case may not be resolved until Summer, 2017. And Levy keeps right on keeping on.

So, who’s looking out for you?

Trust us: NOT state medical boards.

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