So Will Your Doctor Vote Liberal or Conservative? Depends on the Specialty

You may or may not be surprised to learn that voting patterns by doctors depends – to a large extent – on what their medical specialty happens to be.



Although more than half of all physicians are registered Democrats, a recent study revealed that 66% of doctors in surgical specialties identify as Republican, whereas 66% of those in infectious disease, psychiatry, and pediatrics and general medicine, vote Democrat. Early experiences in training and the ever-increasing number of foreign-born doctors,  both play a role. Salary is also an undeniable factor: specialists like surgeons, with higher average salaries, tend to vote Republican.


A recent study showed a shift toward Democratic affiliation among physicians, away from the predominantly Republican alignment of prior decades. Over time, physicians have become more liberal in their party affiliations.
Whether physician voting patterns will be any different in the current election, which has many Americans on edge, is anybody’s guess.

The most recent studies show that physicians vote at rates that are 9% lower than the general population and 22% lower than lawyers. Moreover, comparison to earlier studies show the rates have not changed much since the late 1970s.

Here’s another look:


2 thoughts on “So Will Your Doctor Vote Liberal or Conservative? Depends on the Specialty

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    Why bother voting when you have medical pacs, medical societies, who can lobby for your needs to whoever is in power?

    How else can they commit crimes, be unethical, and get away with it, unless it wasn’t rich and powerful and having PACs and cronyism?

  2. Valid point! I continue to be terrified!

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