The Criminal Doctor Freight-Train Just Keeps Right on Chugging Along

Well, another week, another 40 physicians found guilty of serious misbehavior. Here are just a few MDs who’ve managed to step into deep doctor doo-doo:


Dr Raja Jagtiani – yet another foreign-born sexual pervert


NEW JERSEY – Doctor Raja K. JagtianiBergan Medical Associates – is a physician who operated a clinic in Bergenfield. He confessed in superior court to criminal sexual assault. Eight different adult women – both patients and employees – told police that the doctor “groped and bit them on the face” over a period of years. Jagtiani is a 55-year-old, Indian-born immigrant.



Dr Richard Paulus’ greed put many patients at risk for no medical reason


KENTUCKY – Doctor Richard PaulusKing’s Daughters Medical Center in Ashland – is a cardiologist whose name is prominently displayed on that hospital’s heart center. He now stands convicted of appalling health care fraud. Richard Paulus assaulted “at least 70 innocent patients” and probably more, by performing unnecessary heart stent surgery on them for money.–399034251.html


Randeep Mann: ‘Come to America. Blow people up’

ARKANSAS – Doctor Randeep MannIn Little Rock the Arkansas Supreme Court heard arguments last week by this doctor’s lawyers, regarding his conviction of Attempted Murder of Doctor Trent Pierce. Doctor Pierce was the chairman of the state’s Medical Board which had disciplined Mann. The result was that Randeep Mann – another Indian-born immigrant – decided to plant a bomb in Doctor Trent Pierce’s car. The explosion nearly killed Pierce, and Mann is currently serving a Life Term in Arkansas. His lawyer is arguing that “just because a bomb was planted, it doesn’t mean Mann was actually trying to kill anybody.”

Gotta love America’s twisted version of ‘healthcare’.


One thought on “The Criminal Doctor Freight-Train Just Keeps Right on Chugging Along

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    Hello, I check your blog like every week. Your
    humoristic take on medicine is awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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