The Shameful Doctor Robert E Windsor Case: a Patient’s Wife Responds


On March 28 of this year we covered a story on the above-named physician’s criminal activities:

Georgia MD Admits ‘Yes, I Really Did Steal the Money’

Here is a letter of one patient’s wife who responded:

Upset wife says:

My husband was a patient and we knew nothing about this until yesterday. (August 15) All of his staff and employees had to have known.  I say this because Gainesville Times reported that one of the employees stated he did a conference call with them and said that something bad happened (the FBI investigation) but didn’t affect the Georgia clinics.

The staff also claims they weren’t paid the last three weeks before they (the clinic) shut down. My question is, he pleaded Guilty in March and all of his employees were still running his offices, seeing patients, scheduling office procedures, and yet why were they allowed to do all of this, and all of a sudden abandon their patients with notes on all their locations to find another doctor immediately? Should they be held responsible as well?

Thousands of patients left in the cold. Most did not know what was going on and you only have 8 days (to get your) medical records? Why 8 days? And two of those days fall on the weekend. So I say 6 days.

And yes I have proof of the scheduling of a office procedure for the 11th of August 2016. Along with a appointment sheet not card but sheet for this month.

Dear Upset Wife:

We are so sorry that when doctors go bad, it almost always hurts the patients and their families most of all. We have witnessed this for 30 years. In most cases, law enforcement does its specific job, but does not get involved in the medical-appointment-patient care collapse that invariably happens after the arrests.

Our point of anger has always been this: In your case, for example, the Georgia Composite Medical Board knew for well over a YEAR that bad boy Windsor MD was under investigation for crimes that – if proven – were major. THAT is when the Board should have gotten involved. The Board knows full well that any conviction of a physician will absolutely have a terrible impact on at the very least, hundreds of patients.

The Georgia Board should have intervened MONTHS before the conviction, but they didn’t.

As far as we are concerned, state medical boards’ mission statements of “Our priority is always patient safety” is outright, jack-ass-in-the-cornfield yammering.

doc-handcuffs-n-cashThese boards refuse to properly babysit errant doctors, most of whom have been acting out for years prior to any arrest. Then they leave patients and their families to clean up the poopy mess.

In a sane society, patients and their families would march to the state medical boards’ doorsteps with fire and pitchforks. They would absolutely demand accountability for those miscreants who plunder systems; steal insurance money; injure and kill more citizens, than any other known profession.

We do thank you for sharing your story, and we pray your situation has smoothed itself out.


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