The Ugly Fact: America Protects Sexual Predator Doctors

dr-pervertA scathing report by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reveals that over the past 15 years, more than 3,100 American doctors have been disciplined for sexual misbehavior. More than two-thirds – 2,400 – actually sexually assaulted their patients.

Of course those numbers are shocking enough. But a reality just as ugly is the fact that at least half of those found guilty are allowed to keep right on undressing people for money.

Of course the end result is that in the United States, countless thousands of citizens continue to be in terrible peril, because paltry physician discipline plays a key role in a broken system – a system that considers doctors and their reputations worth far, far more than patient safety.


“We are just so reliant on them. We are helpless and vulnerable and literally in pain often times when we go in there. We just have to trust them. So when they cross the boundary, we are in shock, we are paralyzed, we’re confused, we’re scared. We just do not want to believe that a doctor is capable of this.” (David Clohessy, Executive Director of SNAP, an advocacy group for assaulted patients)


The Atlanta-Journal Constitution investigative reporters examined at least 100,000 doctor discipline records from all 50 states. The appalling cases ran the gamut from MDs molesting unconscious patients; physicians sexually touching themselves in treatment rooms; trading drugs for sex; public indecency; child pornography, and hundreds of cases of rape. In each case, the physicians either confessed to state medical boards, or authorities believed patients’ accusations after investigations. 

More on this shrugged-off, societal embarrassment

For more than 100 years American medicine’s “lab coat secrecy” has given authorities the perfect excuse to look the other way when patients accuse doctors of such crimes.

According to Larry Dixon, Executive Director of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, a major part of the problem is a simple matter of money: states want a return on their medical education investment.

“The resources that have been poured into that education almost demand that you try to salvage that physician.”

The investigators see parallels between the U.S. doctor sexual abuse scandals, and the Catholic priest scandal. While the majority of physicians are not sexual predators, these assaults are far, far more common than people realize.

Here’s but one jaw-dropping case:

NY gynecologist admits to sexual abuse of 2 pregnant patients



3 thoughts on “The Ugly Fact: America Protects Sexual Predator Doctors

  1. Doctor Watchdog says:

    It’s what we’ve been saying for years, doctors who are caught at this usually get a pass or a slap on the wrist.

    And there is no way of knowing how many doctors sexually abuse their patients, or even just get a secret sexual thrill from examining them, and the abuse is never recognized, much less reported or prosecuted.

  2. Ron Slade, Pharm.D. says:

    I once did relief work as a pharmacist in a small south Georgia town where 2 MDs often wrote prescriptions I refused to fill. It reached the point where addicts would look to see who was working, then leave if they saw me.
    What was shocking was the fact that, although it was clear that they were running a pill mill, they enjoyed the protection of the local law enforcement community and much of the civilian population. Patients came there from out of state, as was obvious by the number of non-Ga. auto tags in their parking lot.
    I called the DEA only to be asked, “Why did you call us?” Now I am asking myself the same question.
    They were finally put out of business, but not by the DEA.

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