L.A. Coroner: Model Died of ‘Neck Manipulation’ by Her Doctor

“I personally have never seen this before.” (L.A. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter)


Katie May & Mia in happier times

When Los Angeles model Katie May died suddenly last February her family, her friends and her social media fans were absolutely stunned. Ms. May was, after all, a 34-year-old in what appeared to be perfect health. But five days before she died, she tweeted out she was having neck pain after injuring herself during a photo shoot. She went to see a chiropractor, who is as yet unnamed.

That visit was on Friday, January 31. Two days later, on  Sunday, she told friends that she thought she should go back to the chiropractor the next day.

Within 24 hours she felt too dizzy to drive and her right hand started tingling – something that had never happened before. She was concerned enough to call her parents in Pennsylvania and tell them she was worried. They suggested she go to the hospital. Within three hours she was taken to Cedars Sinai ER by a friend, feeling more dizzy than ever.

Cedars Sinai medical staff tried multiple treatment procedures, but the patient lapsed into a coma and died 3 days later on February 4.

And now we know why. According to a copy of her death certificate, Katie May died several days after a “neck manipulation by a chiropractor.” L.A. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told the news media that a chiropractor had adjusted the victim’s neck, and that shifting of her neck vertebrae tore an artery on the left side of her spinal chord, which cut off normal blood flow to her brain. The official cause of death is “infarction of brain” and has been determined to be a medical treatment accident.

Katie May had also worked in public relations and marketing. She modeled for Sports Illustrated and Playboy Magazine. She had a seven-year-old daughter named Mia.






2 thoughts on “L.A. Coroner: Model Died of ‘Neck Manipulation’ by Her Doctor

  1. Doctor Watchdog says:

    Sad case!

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