Maryland Doctor ‘Killed Himself’: Frederick Police Report

“We are ready to officially call this a suicide and we’re confident that the Medical Examiner’s Office will determine the manner of death was suicide. There was video inside the business that shows the doctor was alone at the time of his death. And he left several notes.” (Sergeant Andrew Alcorn, Frederick Criminal Investigations Division)


Sometimes the criminals look almost respectable

In the city of Frederick a physician found dead in his clinic two weeks ago most likely committed suicide, according to city investigators.

Police say that Doctor Sandeep Sherlekar’s body was discovered early Friday morning, September 30, not long after he had been named in a federal criminal indictment.

The Maryland Chief Medical Examiner Office has not yet publicized details of the death, but law enforcement in Frederick did say that evidence they found proved that Sherlekar took his own life.

Sherlekar, age 51, operated a clinic called The American Spine Center on Key Parkway in Frederick. Investigators believe the doctor died of an intended overdose, based on evidence gathered at the scene.

A federal grand jury in Maryland brought charges against the doctor along with four other medical professionals last June, in a kickback scam that illegally netted $1,400,000 in a 14-month period. Another physician, Doctor Atif Malik, was also arrested. The scheming doctors made 1/4 million dollars each. Named in the indictment are the following foreign=born scamsters:

  • Sandeep Sherlekar, MD, age 51
  • Atif Malik, MD, age 46
  • Muhammad Ahmad Khan, CEO, age 43
  • Mubtagha Shah Syed, age 49
    Konstantin Bas, age 40

According to David Fitz, spokesman for the FBI field office in Baltimore,  Sherlekar’s death will not change the federal case against the others.

Here’s another look at this case:



4 thoughts on “Maryland Doctor ‘Killed Himself’: Frederick Police Report

  1. K says:

    Dr. Sandeep may have had his faults, as are evident, but he was an extremely kind and cheerful man, and my doctor for the past 8+ years. I regret both his mistake, and his choice to take his life. I would like to remind everyone that we all have our demons, and although all of this is shocking, I will remember the man that has grown to become my friend as i knew him.

  2. Laura Rae says:

    Who are you to use the term “foreign born scamsters?” You know nothing of this case or about any of the people involved in it and until you do, keep your nasty and racist words to yourself.

    • Laura Rae said this:

      “Who are you to use the term “foreign born scamsters?”


      We are a 40-year medical professional who investigates lab coat fraudsters for a living. And a jaw-dropping number of them migrate to this country because they know full well how appallingly simple it is to steal money from the American taxpayers.

      And since you asked, here’s another foreign urban-gorilla-in-a-lab coat we could have lived without:

      East Indian doctor Paramjit Singh Ajrawat, age 60, of Potomac, Maryland, now sits in a cage for the next 10 years, for Healthcare Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, Wire Fraud and Identity Theft – all scams in connection with the pain clinic he operated with his idiot doctor wife, Sukhveen Kaur Ajrawat. Ajrawat also was ordered to re pay the $3,100,000 he stole.

      We happen to believe the United States already has enough stethoscope scumbags. The last thing we need is more of them moving in.

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