Imperial Valley Physician Admits His Role in Clinic Insurance Scam

According to a press release by the Southern District of California U.S. Attorney, an El Centro California MD has changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty”, in a case that involves obstructing a federal healthcare investigation.

Doctor Paul Robinson, arrested last year along with 4 of his criminal buddies, confessed in San Diego Federal Court this week that he lied to Department of Health and Human Services investigators. The DHS agents were probing ongoing Medicare billing fraud at an El Centro medical office.


According to the case record, Robinson joined the El Centro Clinic at 485 Broadway Street with another crook named Gevorg Kupelian 3 years ago. Kupelian has already admitted his crimes of Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud. He was sentenced to two and one half years in April, 2015. Kupelian said that he routinely paid recruiters to find older El Centro residents  and deliver them to the clinic. The elderly patients were told they needed to undergo a series of medical exams that were in fact unnecessary, after which Medicare was fraudulently charged. The scamsters raked in nearly $3,000,000 in false billing. The doctor earned about half the illegal take.

So in the end, 5 so-called medical professionals were involved in defrauding Medicare of millions, by way of setting up a fake clinic in a small town: Paul Robinson, Levon Tovmassian, Hasmik Senekerimyan and Nazar Muradyan and Gevorg Kupelian were the clinic culprits.  

For his part, Doctor Paul Robinson could get 5 years in federal prison when he is sentenced.

To our way of thinking, the only thing more appalling in this case than abusing the elderly, is the ridiculously  short sentencing in a case that involves stealing millions.

Had daffy doc Robinson robbed the corner store of $50, he might have gotten 10-years behind bars.


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