Airline Pilot Examiner MD Fesses Up: “Okay, So I’m a Drug Dealer”

There was a time when people would ask us why we keep making this stuff up. Now, after nearly 1,700 “true” cases of jaw-dropping physician brat-behavior, our readers finally “get it”. NO other profession generates more serious crime.

Here’s another poop-for-brains idiot:


Yes, indeed. Doctor Gerald Surya assessed airline pilots for fitness-to-fly. Oh, he was a major New York drug dealer, too, right out of JFK airport. You gotta love U.S. healthcare


7 thoughts on “Airline Pilot Examiner MD Fesses Up: “Okay, So I’m a Drug Dealer”

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    Did the state medical board do anything? If so, when? What?

    • Vic –

      Eventually the state medical boards get around to “sanctioning” these societal scourges, but generally and only after they have ignored years – and often decades – of garbage level behavior.

      NO other profession tolerates the god-awful shenanigans that physicians churn out on an hourly – let alone daily – basis.

      Thank you for writing – and caring about this issue. It is seriously frightening how few citizens are even slightly aware how many medical miscreants there are among us.

      • Vic Nicholls says:

        I’ve been banned/blocked on Twitter from the state health sites because I questioned things. Ditto for KevinMD, as I asked why patients were silenced when they said something docs didn’t like. The MD legislators and the people on the health legislative boards won’t reply/respond back because I bring up items and go

        what are you doing about these issues? Where is the accountability and responsibility to the patient/taxpayers of our state?

  2. leejcaroll says:

    sent this to Justice Jackson: Dear Justice Jackson,
    Shame on you your ignoring prosecutor’s recommendations and instead offering 5 years’ probation and 500 hours of community service to Gerald Surya is appalling, You have given the court’s imprimatur to this kind of behavior by doing nothing more then slapping him on the wrist.
    Thank you

    • Thank you for your continued pressure on these people, Lee. In far too many courtrooms, physicians can and have literally gotten away with crimes that our neighbors would have been jailed for.

      • leejcaroll says:

        well I think yo umay know my med malpratice story (The doctor committed perjury Pa Supreme court called it so and my lawyers forced a bupkis settlement on me doesnt even cover lifetime med expenses from the proven med mal. Within a month after forcing the settlement on me Dr. Peter Jannetta was named Sec;t of healthnominee for Pa (1995 -1996) BTW I wrote all 509 senators about the perjury no one cared and he was confirmed.
        Anyone else would most probably not gotten away with it.
        Of course if there were sanctions that the rest of us face wouldnt be so many miscreants.

      • Vic Nicholls says:

        Is this out there in the public? I’d like to use it to bring up the issue to the MD’s on the health boards. Those that aren’t. Then I can go in front of them and ask WHY ARE YOU DOING NOTHING?

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