“Houston, You Have (Another) Problem”

dr-handcuffedWe don’t know what it is about Houston Texas. Maybe there’s something sprinkled into the water. Few cities come even slightly close to generating as much off-the-chart bizarre physician misbehavior.

Here’s lab-coat loon in the middle of a nasty hospital love-triangle. She  poisoned her doctor-sex-pal with antifreeze:


Here’s a doctor who squashed her horny-toad husband with a Mercedes sedan:


This one didn’t kill anybody that we know of. He just stole a god-awful amount of insurance money:

Houston Physician Sentenced in Medicare Fraud and Conspiracy Case

medi-fraud-artDoctor  Leonard Kibert, age 65, along with his clinic manager, Tsolak Gevorgyan, age 30, were convicted in Federal Court last February on 41 charges, according to U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson. They stole $6,600,000 dollars.

The basis of Kibert’s scam was fraudulently billing Medicare for unnecessary – and often never performed – diagnostic testing at the New Life Sleeping & Allergy Disorder Center.

Kibert, the only MD at the New Life Center, was sentenced Friday to 5  years in federal prison. Gevorgyan, who “recruited” patients, will be sentenced next month by U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison.

In fact, more than 100 Houston MDs have been found guilty of a stunning array of crimes over the last 25 years. Here are just a few:

  • Doctor Emmanuel Nwora, age 38 – guilty, Conspiracy and Billing Fraud
  • Doctor Augustine Egbunike, age 61 – Convicted, Health Care fraud
  • Doctor Rachel Kientcha Tita, age 46 – guilty, Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud
  • Stella Akwarandu, age 46 – guilty, Healthcare Fraud
  • Doctor Enyibuaku Rita Uzoaga, guilty, massive Healthcare Fraud

Incidentally, a cursory check into the backgrounds of many of these criminals, shows they very often have immigrated to the U.S. They have learned – as so many foreign-born physicians have – that the system has NO oversight whatsoever on immigrant medical providers. They can steal, pilfer, cheat and kill . . . pretty much at will.

When it comes to physician oversight and discipline, the USA is pathetically weak.




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