Oh, Doctor! Why Do You Keep Stepping into Deep Doggy Doo-doo?

What the heck did  this one do?


The Texas State Medical Board has decided to “restrict” the medical license of one Doctor Robert Wayne Van Boven. He was a staff member at Lakeway Regional Medical Center until he was fired last year, according to a hospital spokeswoman. 

Van Boven is also a neurologist at the Brain & Body Health Institute in the city of Lakeway. The board learned that horn-dog Van Boven was routinely engaging in highly inappropriate sexual behavior and making nasty comments to female patients. They say this particular misbehavior happened in April and May, 2015, and they believe both patients’ statements are credible. They found considerable similarity in what the women say happened to them.

“The final review will demonstrate that this was based on egregious false facts, financial and other improper motives,” he said. “I pray that truth will prevail.” (Van Boven in a statement)

(Note to doc: When one attempts to persuade others, a brighter effort is to anchor your statements in a foundation of logic. Here’s a hint: there exists no such thing in the universe  as “false facts.” Wise up)

This isn’t the first time the stethoscope snollygoster has stepped into deep doctor doo-doo. According to Lakeway Police Department, their officers were sent out to his house in 2008 and again in 2013 for domestic disputes. And he was involved in 2 separate cases of Criminal Trespassing in 2015.

Oh. Almost forgot. This med school graduate can’t seem to master how to drive a car on public streets. He’s accumulated 8 traffic citations and has been stopped 16 other times while behind the wheel, when he should have been handcuffed – but wasn’t.

According to the Texas Medical Board, the restriction they placed on Van Boven “prohibits him from seeing, examining, treating, prescribing or otherwise practicing medicine on female patients.”

Our question is this: Why is this character allowed the privilege of touching anybody?

Of the 77,000 licensed physicians in Texas, the Texas Medical Board reports they bring an average of 300 disciplinary actions against doctors annually. They say 40-50 lose their licenses.

But this one hasn’t lost his yet. Stay tuned.

Here’s another look:



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