Doctor Linda Sue Cheek Responds to Medical Miscreants Article


In February, 2013, Medical Miscreants covered a story about a physician who was found guilty of illegally prescribing drugs in Virginia. Here is the story:


Dr Linda S Cheek

Today we received the following letter from the physician. In order to be fair, as well as to be  crystal clear, we show her complete text, so that nothing is taken out of context. Our responses can be seen in bold print within the text of her letter:

“I’m not sure where to begin. Your articles are mostly spreading government propaganda.”

The Medical Miscreant website offers up 1,665 stories, and counting. Even a cursory review of our material over the years, underscores our contempt for much of what goes on in the name of governmental decision-making – especially when it comes to physician discipline. No ‘propaganda’ here.

“First, drugs don’t cause addiction.”

Your position is too simplistic to be of any probative value whatsoever. “Drugs” are one part of the necessary triad for an addictive brain. The “drug provider” and the “drug consumer” complete the triad. Denying the gravity drugs play in the process is tantamount to arguing that “guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” Likewise, guns are an undeniable component to gunshot homicide. There would be no gunshot homicide in the absence of guns. There would be no narcotic deviancies  in the absence of narcotics.

“You have written an article here about me that is all lies and government propaganda. See, that’s how I know what you write is only that. The article about me is here:”

And our reference source is here:

Is this court record a lie?

“You can find out the truth about me and my case on my website under Doctors Convicted, then under Linda Cheek (that’s me). There is a lot there, especially uncovering the illegal activity of the US government attacking us, and I am the perfect example.

“Doctor Cheek’s license to practice medicine was suspended in 2008 after she pleaded guilty in federal court to defrauding the government Medicaid and Medicare healthcare programs.”(U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration press release)

Are you saying you did NOT plead guilty? If not, by all means forward  a copy of the court record and we will gladly show the error.

“So the next time you write an article about a doctor being attacked with controlled substance charges, think about what you are doing and who you are supporting.”

We “support” the truth. And the truth is this: prescription opioids are killing citizens at a jaw-dropping rate. And far, far too many physicians have become drug-pushers in lab coats.

“Now that I’ve been directed to your site, I will probably use it to rebut a lot of what you say on my website in the future.”

As long as you quote us accurately, you are welcome to use any of our material you wish. Keep in mind, each case is referenced by at least 3 separate sources. There is no carelessness here; no exaggeration.

Please do feel free to point out any error you see in any Medical Miscreant story. We have no interest in inaccurate material.

Here’s another look at this case:

Dr. Cheek convicted of 172 counts



3 thoughts on “Doctor Linda Sue Cheek Responds to Medical Miscreants Article

  1. leejcaroll says:

    I used to belong t a group at linked in where the issue of doctors and their misdeeds came up. I pointed out one doctor who was representing himself as still being in practice and a good resource when in fact he had had his license suspended due to sexual interactions with patients at his clinic. (They also found 5,000 pills he kept in a drawer that he said were for his patients who could not afford the meds, although it was a private clinic and at least when I was there, no poor patients. at least to the level where they did not have insurance and oculd not cover their pill costs.) 2 things 1) Linda constantly would write there as she did to you, trying to undermine her conviction and blame it on others and 2) I ended up being removed from the linked in group because I dared to let the group know about the person who was asking to be considered as a resource to other docs.
    Sadly, in my opinion, it is people like Linda, and some of other docs such as I encountered in the linked in group, that paints the whole profession with a black brush,. Medical ethics alone requires of course first that they not engage in the illegal behaviors, or immoral, unethical, etc but of they do at least have the courage of your convistions, not a pun, that if you were willing to do the activity then you are willing to take the consequences and fess up to them

    • Lee –

      I have always thought the general public would be shocked and pleased if physicians would just buckle down and toss out their 2% lunatic fringe. If they simply adequately policed themselves – no one else would have to, and Medical Miscreants could close up shop.

      Thanks so much for reading & commenting.

  2. leejcaroll says:

    Public Citizen sometime back estimated that 15% of MD’s responsible for 85% of the malpractice. Sadly like police other professions they prefer protecting the bad appkes then tossing them and then complain when people call the whole profession bums because of the bad apples.

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