Alaskan Child Predator Finally Off to Prison

“Doctor Merchant’s sexual abuse of at least one of the victims was frequent, occurring as often as three times a week over the course of years. The sexual abuse was often accomplished through the use of drugs, such as Valium and Ambien, and was supplied by Merchant’s wife, Linda Merchant.” (The prosecution)


Dr Clifford Merchant

In the city of Anchorage a physician already found guilty of child sexual assaults and felony child pornography possession, can look forward to spending the next half-century in state prison.

Doctor Clifford Merchant, age 69, was originally arrested in 2014 and charged with sexually assaulting 3 young girls over a time=span of several years. In January 2015, a fourth victim was identified, which resulted in a total of 17 counts of Sexual Abuse of a Minor, and 16 counts of Child Pornography Possession.

Merchant was a longtime doctor in Anchorage, working at Providence Alaska Medical Center’s emergency department. The hospital said it suspended his physician privileges when it learned of the criminal charges. He was released on a bail of $75,000. But was re-arrested when he tried to hire a contract killer to murder two  of the young girls about to testify against him.

According to the prosecution an FBI informant posed as a hit-man and met with the disgusting doctor on two occasions,  to discuss how and how much he could pay for the murder. Murderous Merchant was rearrested in November of last year for bail violations. His final sentence was handed down yesterday, which ends a case that began in December.

Merchant, who must serve at least 43 of his 51-year sentence, will be eligible for parole in the year 2059, when he is 112.

Here’s another look at this case, if can stomach it:

Anchorage Doctor Remains in Jail on SAM Charges


One thought on “Alaskan Child Predator Finally Off to Prison

  1. Ron Slade, Pharm.D. says:

    If a parent of one of these children was charged with murdering this SOB and I were on the jury, I’d refuse to convict.

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