‘The Paramedic Heretic’: “Not for the Faint of Heart”


Read the author’s experiences when PSA Flight 182 destroyed a San Diego  neighborhood

What readers say about the book:

HERETIC COVER 1Makes you realize that good health is OUR responsibility – Not doctors. Not hospitals. Definitely not that of Big Pharma.”  (Mark Brown, Kansas City Star)

“What you have here is a paramedic/researcher who really does his homework. The author cuts right through the smoke-screen that so many of us are programmed to believe and never question. Either you make the decision to take charge of your own healthcare, or you can count on becoming a victim of a system whose priority is money.” (Eric Keese, Miami)

I spent 30 years in healthcare and grew to seriously distrust the medical industry. Far too often, what goes on in the name of ‘care’ is a sad commentary on what isn’t even necessary. ‘The Paramedic Heretic’ is an excellent look at medicine from an insider who’s seen it from the inside out. His observations and experiences are, at times, jaw-dropping. We all absolutely must realize that much of the ‘red lights & sirens’ mentality is simply wrong. Here’s a book that certainly opened the eyes of my wife and I, and incidentally, we are BOTH nurses.” (Tom & Lynn Frederick, New Haven)


The author was the first medic on the Palm Springs Girl Scout bus crash that killed 7 and injured 46.

“Face it. What you don’t know can kill you! Every adult in the U.S. should read this book and remember what it teaches you. Well researched, well documented, well written. (Macario Corpus, Reno)


When James Huberty shot 40 people in San Diego, the author was there, too.

Some of this paramedic’s experiences will scare the poop out of you.” (Lacy O’Brian, BSN, Stanford U.)





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