Meanwhile, 2 Years Ago a Columbian-immigrant MD Got 10 Years for Poisoning Her Man-Friend

Houston Doctor Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, now behind bars for mixing up some sweet poisoning. “She invited him over for a cup of ‘special Colombian coffee’.”


Go ahead. Ask us again why we call them ‘Third World Assassins’

It was exactly 2 years ago when a Houston jury realized they were about to sentence a Texas cancer researcher to state prison. She was days away from being convicted of poisoning her doctor/lover. The jury knew by September 14, 2014, that Columbian Doctor Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo had spiked her co-worker’s coffee in a spasm of revenge, with a chemical found in antifreeze. The 43-year=old breast cancer specialist at Houston’s renown MD Anderson Medical Center, had been involved in a sneaky sexual relationship with her fellow researcher, Doctor George Blumenschein. And then he started playing house with another brunette because, well, boys will be boys.

We can promise you that – as a veteran Paramedic – hospital-horny-toad shenanigans run as rampant as anything you can imagine in a college dormitory.

The prosecution was proving that their affair had turned into a “fatal attraction.” After more than a year of secret copulating encounters, Doctor Ana decided to poison Doctor Blumenschein with ethylene glycol. He was, after all, spending an awful lot of time with his longtime live-in girlfriend, Doctor Evette Toney. And wow. Did Ana love George. She loved him so much she decided to kill him.

Horn-dog Blumenschein got lucky. He survived the poisoning. And a Houston Superior Court jury sent Doctor Ana-nana bo-bana  to go sit in a cage until the year 2024. She could have been sentenced to 30 years, but she wasn’t. After all, she isn’t just your run-of-the-mill jilted homicidal freak. She’s a special human being. She’s a doctor, for God sakes.

So how about this: How about we all be thankful today – exactly 2 years later – that this particular pair of hormonal, stethoscope fools didn’t have time to breed. Let’s thank Heaven for small favors, shall we?

Here’s another look at this medical embarrassment:

Ana Gonzalez-Angulo, George Blumenschein: ‘Snapped’ Profiles Houston Doctor’s Sexual Affair, Which Almost Killed Him After Coffee Poisoning



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