Vegas MD Who Committed Fraud; Lied to Hundreds of Patients, Gets No Punishment



Dr Carmen Felice Jones

In April 2013, A Las Vegas childcare specialist had her medical license suspended by the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners. Why? Well, according to investigators, she was routinely allowing a “pretend” doctor to treat hundreds of patients.

That way she wouldn’t have to get up in the mornings and . . . you know . . . actually go to work. Who wants to be around sick kids?

Doctor Carmen Felice Jones, the medical director for the Las Vegas Health Center at 6332 South Rainbow Boulavard, had allowed an unlicensed staff member, Zeeshan Malik Hoodbhoy, to impersonate a physician, in order to prescribe, administer and dispense drugs illegally, according to the State Board.

But this week, in a stunning reversal, the state medical board has decided that “no further disciplinary action” will be taken.


The appallingly worthless Doctor Jones had already pleaded guilty to Conspiracy, in allowing a staff member to practice medicine without a license. This occurred in Clark County 8th Judicial District Court in 2014. Of course she got no jail time because, well, she wears a lab coat. At least, on those rare days when she worked.

But now, according to a Board statement, they were afraid she would sue the board members, so they dropped the civil charges, saying, “She learned her lesson.”

What a immoral gang of professional cowards.

The man in charge of the investigating committee was Doctor Benjamin Rodriguez. He said 3 years ago that Hoodbhoy would – at the direction of Jones – routinely, illegally use the doctor’s signature stamp, as well as her federal DEA registration number, to write prescriptions.

Based on the findings of the Medical Board, Washoe County District Court Judge Jerome Polaha had immediately ordered a restraining order against Hoodbhoy. The Executive Director of the Medical Board, Douglas Cooper, announced then, that Nevada State Pharmacy investigators, as well as the Las Vegas Police, worked together to reveal the illegal arrangement between Jones and Hoodbhoy.
“Hoodbhoy treated hundreds of patients illegally,” Cooper said.

The investigation revealed that freaky physician Jones admitted being the medical director of a second clinic called Agape Health, where “she never met the patients; never treated the patients; allowed unlicensed staff to treat and inject patients with controlled substances.”

Now, several members of the Board were “uncomfortable” last week, in that not even a letter of reprimand would be issued in the case. But in the end, they decided that the “visibility of the case and settlement agreement online” by patients and their families, would provide the public with a record of the case.

Really? That’s how you spank a physician who blatantly disregards patient safety and broke the law hundreds of times?

Jones filed a complaint in federal court in June 2013, arguing that the Medical Board denied her due process when it suspended her license. That judgment was denied, as was her appeal. She then filed a civil lawsuit against the members.
That was all it took to get the board to roll over like bedbugs. In exchange for dismissing its complaint, Jones will dismiss the civil lawsuit, the Board’s attorney said. The deal  “mitigates additional expenses regarding legal matters.”
And some people actually wonder why a veteran Paramedic might become a heretic.
UN-effing believable.


Healthgrades records show Jones’ speciality is pediatrics. She graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago Medical School in 1991.


2 thoughts on “Vegas MD Who Committed Fraud; Lied to Hundreds of Patients, Gets No Punishment

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    Thank you. Another one to show to people about why we should be wary of docs.

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