Drugged-up Doc Steals Patients’ Meds; ODs Between Surgeries; Gets Scolded


Dr Gregory G Theodore

In Carlisle Pennsylvania an anesthesiologist has finally confessed that, why yes!  He did indeed routinely drug himself into a stupor while on duty at the hospital.  And his confession last Wednesday afternoon was a key factor in a plea deal that will keep him out of prison.

You’ve just got to love – strike that, cringe at – what passes for physician discipline in the good ‘ol USA.

According to Assistant District Attorney Jamie Keating, Doctor Gregory G. Theodore, age 62, was ordered to complete a substance abuse rehabilitation and may not treat patients. In return, he was sentenced to 4 years probation.

Pretty neat deal, if you can swing it: steal other people’s meds for years; perform highly complex  procedures on patients when they are most vulnerable – asleep. Put entire surgical teams at risk. And then get the adults to send you to your room like a punky 8th grader. Cool.


In lab coats they look almost normal . . .


Cumberland County Judge Albert Masland thought Theodore’s efforts to beat his substance abuse problem played a large role in the decision to offer him a probationary sentence. He said Theodore has passed drug tests, is undergoing counseling through a program for addicted physicians, and voluntarily surrendered his medical license.

Investigators determined that Theodore was using drugs between surgeries, taking excess medications, including the narcotic Demerol.

Theodore was arrested in April as the result of an investigation that began in July 2015, when he was found unconscious in a bathroom between surgeries at Carlisle Regional Medical Center. Police said Theodore admitted that he had been pilfering medications prescribed for patients “for several years.” 

Defense attorney J. David Farrell said Theodore has proven “he is a good candidate for lifelong rehabilitation.”

And we believe he’s a good candidate to work at the local car wash.

But that’s just us.

Rest assured, the man will be back passing gas at another hospital, for fun and profit, in no time. He will have NO problem getting relicensed in another state before you know it.

Because in the Twilight Zone of American “healthcare” that’s the shell game we allow medical authorities to play on us.

As an intellectually sluggish society, you see, we get exactly what we tolerate.







2 thoughts on “Drugged-up Doc Steals Patients’ Meds; ODs Between Surgeries; Gets Scolded

  1. Eric says:

    Patrick MacDonald. You are a fucking dirtbag….shouldn’t you be spending more time treating patients and less time exploiting others missteps to sell a few books….and I mean few. If I looked closely enough through your history, I could find mistakes that you have made. Yes…you too have made medical errors…We all have. And with an aggressive attorney, a lawsuit, and website like yours, I could easily make you look like one of “America’s dumbest doctors”. You should have become an attorney, because obviously you get more pleasure from humiliating doctors than treating patients. I wonder if you have the courage post this reply on this website…most likely not.

    Most Sincerely,


    • About 3 times each year we get notes from some babbling mental midget who somehow ended up with a double ration of the ‘idiot gene’ in utero. It’s hardly their fault. They just happen to be the product of a poorly-functioning gestation. Maybe their mothers popped the same kinds of drugs this daffy doctor did.

      Consider poor Eric, for example. We can surmise Eric at least passed 8th grade, yet he’s managed to survive into near-adulthood believing that a doctor who routinely steals drugs from his patients, and then gets high in the surgical suite with an unconscious patient lying on the table, putting his entire operating team in deep legal jeopardy – is guilty of nothing more than “mistakes” and “missteps”.

      Of course, the unconscious, totally vulnerable patients weren’t Eric, so they don’t count, do they?

      The reality is this: Doing something stupid once or twice or maybe three times? Sure, we’ll buy. Call it a “mistake”.

      Stealing drugs and popping them into your pucker-pie mouth with other peoples’ lives at stake . . . FOR YEARS? That ain’t no “mistake”, you fool.

      So do your cerebellum an adult-sized favor: Spend a few 24-hour ride-alongs on a busy city Paramedic unit. Be sure to ask the medics, while you’re there, how many physician screw-ups they’ve had to clean up after. You’ll be stunned by the answer.

      Do some homework, for God sake. Then we’ll talk.

      Eric’s problem is this: He hasn’t seen enough innocent dead people. So his rose-colored view of reality is as naïve as a kid in a sandbox.

      Oh, and just for the record? The books have been translated into 11 languages. They are doing very, very well.

      Time to reload your pistol with some logic bullets. Your squirt gun’s out of ammo.

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