After 25 Years, Arizona MD Jailed for Girlfriend’s Murder



Dr Humberto Moreno

Doctor Humberto De La Cruz Moreno, a Sonoran physician charged with killing his former girlfriend in Nogales, has finally admitted that he wanted to “deprive her of life,” when he went to her apartment and shot her three times. 

When asked by Judge Thomas Fink if his intention was to kill the victim, Maria del Carmen Chacon, Moreno said yes. “I regret it, but I accept the consequences,” he told the judge during a hearing at Santa Cruz County Superior Court last Tuesday.

Moreno was scheduled to go to trial on September 27 for First Degree Murder. He faced life in prison if found guilty. So he decided to confess, with the hopes of eventually being freed.

He was arrested in April 2015 as he tried to cross into the United States through the Nogales port of entry. Moreno was charged with murder after Barnett died on October 3 2015. Prosecutors argued that her death was a result of the injuries she sustained during the 1990 assault.

Moreno is scheduled to be sentenced September 28. He could be sentenced to a term of 7 years, to a maximum of 21 years.

His conviction is not probation eligible and he must serve 100% of his sentence.


Our Observation:

According to our files, Moreno is the 217th physician currently in prison for spousal Murder.


2 thoughts on “After 25 Years, Arizona MD Jailed for Girlfriend’s Murder

  1. xenonman says:

    Doesn’t that violate the Hippocratic Oath?

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