‘Snake-Sex’ Doc Faces Disbarment in London

The United Kingdom is flooded with their own “Third World Assassin” problem. Of course, like the good ‘ol USA, who keeps holding the gate open?

Dr Cyprian Okoro

Doctor Cyprian Okoro

In Great Britain a physician arrested for his internet collection of “extreme pornography” is currently on trial in a London criminal court.

Doctor Cyprian Okoro, age 55, was caught storing some rather despicable images on his cell phone, including at least one video of a woman performing a sex act with a horse; 3 videos of  a woman copulating with a dog;  an adult male having sex with a snake. 

The wacky MD Okoro, who emigrated to England from Lagos Nigeria,  was also charged with possession of indecent images of a two-year-old boy.

The Nigerian doctor, who gained his British medical license in 2013, was originally handcuffed and taken to jail on 5 counts of “grossly offensive, disgusting, obscene pornography”.

Prosecutor Nicola Devas told the jury they would be spared from having to watch the videos, because the question of their “extreme indecency” is irrefutable.

Okoro, a family medicine specialist who lives in the London neighborhood of Streatham, has pleaded not guilty. His case continues next week. 

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