Immigrant MD Sexual Perverts: The Twits Just keeep onnnn comin . . . .

Virginia Medical Clinic Volunteer Arrested for Sexual Assault

Dr Fabio Suarez Valderrama

Criminal immigrant MDs have no problem  infiltrating American healthcare

In Fairfax County Virginia, a physician now known to possess no U.S. medical license whatsoever, was locked up on Friday for groping female patients, according to Fairfax County Police.

Lab coat loon Fabio Suarez Valderrama, age 54, was working as a volunteer medical staff member at HIBP Medical Services at the time of his arrest. 

Valderrama was conducting medical exams in June, when patients reported he had inappropriately touched them. Police interviewed at least one adult female and last week a warrant was issued, accusing him of Sexual Battery.

Investigators suspect there are other possible victims. They advise anyone with information to call Detective J. Wagner at (703)246 7800.

This Third World Assassin now sits behind bars at the Fairfax County Detention Center. The police report Valderrama had told the clinic he held a valid Colombian medical license at the time of his being hired. It is not known if the clinic bothered to perform an adequate background check at the time of hire.

Dr Fausto Fernandez

Dr Fausto Fernandez

In July another Latino pervert, a 75-year-old physician at the same clinic was arrested, also for sexually touching a 30-year-old male patient during a physical exam.

Doctor Fausto Fernandez, a resident of Alexandria, has been charged with Sexual Battery.

We can assure you as a reader that “physicians” are very often subject to a far lower level of background check than potential employees of Taco Bell.

Here’s a look at just how widespread physician predators really are:



2 thoughts on “Immigrant MD Sexual Perverts: The Twits Just keeep onnnn comin . . . .

  1. Benedict says:

    Not at all racist

    • The mental challenge for far too many of those who yammer “racism” is simple: they are ignorant of the ridiculous logical fallacy of their puny argument. Now, if one cares enough about a subject to express an opinion, that opinion ought to be erected upon a solid foundation – not a frangible bed of sand.

      So if one REALLY wants to clamor onto the Good Ship Racism, one needs to steep their brain into this undeniable logical reality:

      Fausto Hernandez and Fabio Valderrama are Latino.

      There are four (and only 4) true RACES: Mongoloid; Negroid; Australoid; Caucasoid.

      So the hand-wringing question for the race-baiters becomes monumentally simple, albeit truly uncomfortable:

      Which of the above-listed RACES do Latinos belong?

      Now, if Latinos are not Negro (and of course they are not) and if they are not Asian or early Australian, then there is only one other RACE to include them.

      How can a Caucasian be RACIST against those of his own RACE?

      I won’t hold my breath for an intelligent answer.

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