How Many Criminal Immigrant MDs Should a Civilized Society Tolerate?

Dr Akram Ismail

Dr Akram Ismail

In the halls of medicine we refer to them as ‘Third World Assassins’. And there are literally thousands of them undressing patients daily, who have no idea of their perversions. You see, healthcare really doesn’t want you to know how many of these sick-twists are unable to control themselves around either money or women.

In Groveland Florida yesterday Lake County Sheriff deputies once again had reason to clamp handcuffs on a habitual criminal doctor – this time for a parole violation. You see, this particular lab coat genius was caught driving with no valid license, less than a week after he got out of jail for other serious boo-boos.

Doctor Akram Ismail, a 58-year-old Egyptian, had just been released 6 days before from Lake County Jail. He spent 4 months there after being convicted of Video Voyeurism last April, and a judge sentenced him to an additional 8 months probation. A  customer caught Ismail taking pictures up women’s skirts at a Publix grocery store in Groveland in July 2015.

And some poor souls actually think we make this stuff up.

Ismail, a gastroenterology specialist, was booked into the Lake County Jail on April 13 and released on July 10. Apparently they’re going to have to install a revolving door for this nut-job.

According to the Florida Department of Health, Ismail’s medical license was pulled as a result of his sexual perversion conviction.

This Mid-Eastern medical miscreant is well known to law enforcement because he just can’t seem to function in a civilized society. In 2004, he was locked up for drunk driving. In 2005, the doctor was arrested by air marshals when he didn’t know how to behave better than a 5-year-old on a passenger jet.

Oh, there’s more. In 2009 this character tried to hire 2 of his patients to kill another doctor by blowing up his building. He must have been fairly serious: He paid one fellow $40,000 and another $25,000.

Ismail is currently held on a no-bail status until his August 29 court date.

Here’s a previous story:

Our Observations:

Ismail is a perfect example of a Third World Assassin. He emigrated to the U.S. after graduating from Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University in Cairo Egypt in 1991. Within 10 years he was well on his way to morphing into a total misfit in American society. Will he be deported when he is released from jail THIS time?

Not a chance. The U.S. does not deport criminal physicians. We keep them around, so they can cross state lines and start all over with a whole new batch of unknowing patients.

The ‘finest’ healthcare system in the world?

We’re not even in the Top 20. And our bizarre acceptance of wacko docs is but one reason why.


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