Duh, Doctor, Say That Again??

Now these might be weirdly funny of they weren’t . . . you know . . . true:

Dr Goofy 1

“Wha?? You grow your own veggies? Danger, danger!”

“The doctor looked at my son’s chart and made a comment about him being so healthy, in a surprised voice. That struck me as odd. Why would you be so surprised by a healthy child? I told him he eats only organic food, like home-grown vegetables, elderberry and homeopathic remedies. The MD looked totally stunned.”

“I was recently in the ER for an illness & happened to be having an excessively heavy period. So asked the doctor about it. He said that since I’m 45 I don’t need my uterus any more. I should have it removed.”

“My son was 9 months old and covered with eczema (head to toe). I told the pediatrician that I wanted to determine the cause. He said, ‘well, he just has bad skin’.”

“After a shoulder surgery my husband had, I put coconut oil a couple of times a day over the  incisions and stitches to help the healing. At his one-week check up the surgeon  was very impressed with the healing process of his skin and the lack of any infection. So I told him what I was doing. He got red in the face and told me how I should stop immediately, because doing that could cause a major infection.”

“My daughter had an ear infection and she gave me a prescription for antibiotics. When I asked her if I could wait a few days to see if she got better without the meds, she told me she wasn’t comfortable with parents making  decisions about their children’s health.”



“Come on! Let’s take those nasty ol’ healthy  organs out!”


“My son had a rash and the  doctor recommended putting him on antidepressants to stop  him fretting about the itching.”

“I asked my doctor if they (Kaiser) would pay the small fee for a mouth guard to wear at night, so I wouldn’t grind my teeth. He said no, they couldn’t do that, but they would pay for Valium every night to help me relax!!”

“When we explained to a doctor the reasons for our decision  to not vaccinate our child, he said ‘I know, people get sick and die from vaccines everyday. But I truly recommend you get your child vaccinated!’”

“I have a good friend of the family who is 58 years old and she started to exercise with her daughter. Her doctor asked why she would want to start doing something like that at her age. He told her to re-think it.”

Dr Steth dummy

“Trust me. I’ve been told I’m smarter than you are.”


“Last year I took my oldest daughter in for something. The doctor looked at my daughter and wouldn’t speak to me and said, ‘Are you getting your flu shot today? You know you need it. I’m going to give you one so you don’t get the flu.’ My daughter said, ‘No. We don’t get flu shots.” Before I could say anything the doctor said in disbelief, ‘Do you want your baby sister to DIE? You know she is going to die if you get the flu and you make her sick.’”

“My doctor tried to put me on antidepressants when I started crying, after he told me during an appointment that I would likely never have kids. Does this idiot consider crying an inappropriate reaction to this kind of news??”

“My OB said all my crazy symptoms were because I was  nursing my baby . ‘He’s sucking the life out of you!’”

“Our family MD said it was ‘in the range of normal’ for my newborn to go eight days without pooping. Needless to say, we walked out.”

“Our ex-pediatrician told us that we had to give our son jarred baby food because my homemade organic baby food (mostly homegrown as well), would kill him from Hepatitis- A. He said Hep-A is on all produce, especially food grown at home. Did you notice we said he is our EX-pediatrician?”

“I had a doctor tell me that herbs would kill me. When I dumbed things down and asked ‘Okay, so you’re telling my peppermint and garlic and ginger and cilantro and aloe could kill me?’ He replied, “well, I guess garlic would probably be alright’.”

“A pediatrician actually told me that my 8-year-old  daughter needed HPV vaccine because she might get raped someday.”

“When my son was nine months old, he was a ‘slow-grower’, his pediatrician suggested ‘fattening him up with  Mac & Cheese’.”

“A Kaiser MD telling me to feed my 18 month old Salisbury steak TV dinners for optimal nutrition.”

“My OB-GYN told me that the benefits of getting a flu shot outweigh the risks. I reminded him their was no flu shot studies on pregnant women. He looked at me all glassy-eyed and said, ‘Well, that is true.’”


Moral of the story: NEVER allow a lab coat to outrank your common sense. Have a great weekend, readers. And thank you for joining us.













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