Another Day: Still Another Immigrant MD Nabbed in Multi-million Dollar Scam. Is the USA Stupid, or What?

In Brooklyn New York a jury needed very little time to find a “weight-loss” surgeon guilty of a jaw-dropping insurance billing scam. 

Dr Syed Imran Ahmed

“You’d smile too, if you knew how easy it is to steal from the Americans.”

Doctor Syed Imran Ahmed, age 51, a scamster who lives in a $4,000,000 estate on Long Island, was convicted on all 6 charges he’d been arrested on, last Thursday evening in Brooklyn Federal Court. He had billed Medicare at least $25,000,000 for medical procedures that he never bothered to perform. You may want to go back and look at all those zeroes.

During his 20-day trial, district attorneys were able to prove that dimwit Ahmed would routinely charge patients for 4-5  bogus surgeries a day – most of which never happened at all. His despicable drive for wealth  allowed him to amass $3,000,000 in Medicare theft, over a 2-year period that started in 2011.

Third World Assassins:

Want the good news first? This lab coat loon could get 40 years behind bars.

Ready for the bad news? You can bet he won’t receive half of that jail time. And he will never be deported. The U.S. does not deport idiot immigrant MDs. We keep them around so they can move to another state and start over. Then we hide their crimes from patients, in our secret NPDB files. Ain’t it cool what your tax dollars pay for?

This clown graduated from the University Of Sind / Liaquat Medical College, Jamshoro Pakistan. Then he emigrated to the U.S., where the citizens are so lazy they pay little attention to their medical bills. You see, doctors are smart.

Here’s more on this idiot, if you can stand it:


One thought on “Another Day: Still Another Immigrant MD Nabbed in Multi-million Dollar Scam. Is the USA Stupid, or What?

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    Yes. I have shown the Tenn. Pill Mill doctor issue to several Senators, Delegates. They don’t respond. What does that tell you about the legislators?

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