Doctor-Murderer Blames ‘Cough Syrup Psychosis’ – Court Says, Uh, No

cough syrup

Said the syrup to the spoon: “It’s all my fault.”

Doctor Louis Chen, convicted of stabbing his man-friend 170 times and slashing their 2-year-old son’s throat, has been sentenced to 49 years in Washington State Prison.

King County Superior Court Judge Bill Bowman sentenced the 45-year-old physician as recommended by prosecutors.

The case centered on a brutal 2011 double-murder that the physician blamed on his abuse of cough syrup, believe it or not.

Dr Louis Chen Cough Syrup Defense

Consider for a moment the stunning amount of higher education sitting at this table. Now ponder how bright you have to be, to  blame cough syrup for Murder.

After the sentencing, the deputy prosecutor said this: “We believe it is a reasonable sentence for the taking of 2 lives in the most horrific way possible.”

Chen emigrated from Taiwan. He  had met Eric Cooper in 1999, when he was in his 20s and Cooper was a 17-year-old senior in high school. Their son Cooper Chen was born of a Chinese surrogate mother.

They had recently moved to Seattle from North Carolina after Chen accepted a job at Virginia Mason Medical Center. When the doctor did not show up on his first day of work, a hospital staff member went to the home and found him in the condo, naked and splattered in blood.

Prosecutors successfully argued that, far from the ridiculous “cough syrup psychosis” that Chen put forth as a defense, he butchered his family in an outrage over a breakup. Investigators also learned that the doctor was a serious drug abuser.

Chen received the maximum sentence allowed, according to state guidelines.

Here is our earlier coverage of this story:


One thought on “Doctor-Murderer Blames ‘Cough Syrup Psychosis’ – Court Says, Uh, No

  1. I have taken some powerful cough medicine in my day and it knocked me out! And the cough… But really?

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