‘Drug Whores’ of the Year? Dunno. You Tell Us

So how do you connive to get yourself a 1,000% raise? Well, if you happen to be CEO of a drug cartel, you jack the price of a lifesaving emergency medicine from $57 to $600. Patients be damned, you’re now making $1,500,000 a month!

So meet Heather Bresch:

Still think the legal drug cartels – with all those countless thousands of warm & fuzzy TV commercials – are looking out for you?

Not a chance. Your welfare ain’t the priority.

So what’s the difference between the “legal” drug cartels and those hiding out in Mexican jungles?

They have fewer guns but shinier offices.


‘Dateline’ NBC Airs Our Story on Third World Assassin Farid Fata

Watch Dateline on NBC tonight at 10pm.


Does the U.S. deport Third World Assassins? Not on your life.

(We are indebted to Dateline executive producer Elizabeth Cole for accepting our research on medical maniac Farid Fata, in the summer of 2013. Our case was initially supported by testimony of oncology nurse Angela Swantek – one of the first staff members to report to us Fata’s greed-driven, unnecessary cancer treatments on more than 550 non-cancerous patients) 

Here’s a peek at the case from another viewpoint:

Despicable Fata, Federal Bureau of Prisons #48860-039, now resides in a cage at the Federal Correctional Institution, Williamsburg in Salters, South Carolina. His earliest possible release is October 2052. He would be 87 years old.

Sydney Cancer Doc Gets a Tushy Slap for Sexually Assaulting Lady MD

Dr John Kearsley

Dr John H. Kearsley

An Australian cancer specialist who spiked a colleague’s drink and then sexually attacked her, has been sent behind bars for a whopping 27 months.

Evidently, criminal physician discipline Down Under isn’t taken much more seriously than it is in the U.S.

After yammering for 3 years that he was “not guilty,” Doctor John Henry Kearsley finally got around to confessing in Sydney District Court that, well, yes he really did sneak an “intoxicating substance” into a woman’s glass of wine and indecently assault her, when she was visiting him one evening in back in November 2013.

In keeping with Australian law, the name of the victim is not publicized.

Kearsley was the Director of Radiation Oncology at Sidney’s St. George Hospital. He was also a professor of medicine at the University of NSW. He was arrested and charged with spiking a 32-year-old unnamed doctor’s drink with benzodiazepine.

Yes indeed. As you have seen a thousand times over on our Medical Miscreants site, even the highest educated people on the planet are fully capable of being struck dumber than a box of rocks.

During the trial a psychiatrist testified that Kearsley, age 63, suffered from “social anxiety, depressive disorder and alcoholism.” He was taking a sedative too, and that was the drug he slipped into the lady doctor’s wine. At sentencing, District Judge Penelope Hock told the court that Kearsley “was a highly regarded medical professional of exemplary character,” at the time of the crime. She believed the physician was genuinely sorry.

Well in that case judge, why punish him at all? He wears a lab coat.

Here’s another look at this stethoscope fruit-loop:



A True American Heroine: One Smart, Brave Lady You Won’t See on the News

Our question of the day:

Why is the ‘mainstream news media’ not shouting from the rooftops, about the accomplishments of THIS particular woman? Easy: they are as married to the legal drug cartel garbage PR machine, as is modern healthcare. 

Dr Kelly Brogan

(Doctor Kelly Brogan, Author, “a Mind of Your Own”)

The Silent Tragedy in Health Care Today

“A silent tragedy in the history of modern healthcare is happening right now in America, but no one is talking about it. We have been told a story of depression: that it is caused by a chemical imbalance and cured by a chemical fix—a prescription. More than 30,000,000 of us take antidepressants, including 1 in 7 women (1 in 4 women in their 40s and 50s). Millions more – maybe you – are tempted to try them to end chronic, unyielding distress, irritability, and feeling emotionally flat – trapped by an exhausting, unshakable inner agitation.

“It is time to let go of this false narrative and take a fresh look at where science is leading us. Before you try an antidepressant, I implore you to read this book. And if you do currently take these drugs, then I have an important message for you, too. Let me give you a primer.

“One of the most important books in the history of psychiatry and natural medicine has been published by HarperCollins who, unique among their mainstream publishing competitors, had the guts to release it completely uncensored.” 

“Believe it or not:

  • In six decades, not a single study has proven that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.
  • The serotonin theory of depression is a myth that has been supported by the manipulation of data and an echo chamber of industry and media rhetoric.
  • Depression is not a genetic disease. It is an epigenetic syndrome. In 2003, a study published in Science suggested that those with genetic variation in their serotonin transporter were three times more likely to be depressed. But 6 years later this idea was wiped out by a meta-analysis of 14,000 patients published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that denied such an association.
  • Depression is often an inflammatory condition, a manifestation of irregularities in the body that can start far away from the brain and are not associated with the simplistic model of so-called ‘chemical imbalances’.
  • Depression is an opportunity. It is a sign for us to stop and figure out what’s causing our imbalance.

“The human body interacts in its environment with deep intelligence. Your body creates symptoms for a reason. We usually suppress these symptoms with medication, but that is like turning off the smoke alarm when you have a fire going on.

“I get the allure of the quick fix cure via a drug. I used to believe in the magic pill. Then, after my residency and fellowship training, I took a sharp turn.

“I have spent years voraciously researching to find better health solutions for women, hungry for the truth about what works and what doesn’t. In my research and work with patients—people just like you—I’ve been analyzing data and connecting the dots.

“First, we have to ask why you are feeling the way you are feeling, and the sources of your symptoms may surprise you. It may be your food, your gut, your thyroid, or even your go-to pain reliever. I continue to be amazed at the power of the body to heal, after decades of abuse by our lifestyles, within time frames as short as thirty days.

“My goal is to:

  • Help you change the beliefs we’ve all been fed by a system that is not really focused on wellness, but on symptom suppression—and profit.
  • Help you discover your body’s innate ability to recalibrate, reset, and recharge so you can heal.
  • Give you simple, highly practical steps in a comprehensive plan that activates your own healing power so you can start feel freer and healthier in thirty days or less.

Because you deserve to experience a mind of your own.”

(Doctor Kelly Brogan, Author, “a Mind of Your Own”)

Take a peek at the 1st chapter, “Decoding Depression” here.

Immigrant MD Sexual Perverts: The Twits Just keeep onnnn comin . . . .

Virginia Medical Clinic Volunteer Arrested for Sexual Assault

Dr Fabio Suarez Valderrama

Criminal immigrant MDs have no problem  infiltrating American healthcare

In Fairfax County Virginia, a physician now known to possess no U.S. medical license whatsoever, was locked up on Friday for groping female patients, according to Fairfax County Police.

Lab coat loon Fabio Suarez Valderrama, age 54, was working as a volunteer medical staff member at HIBP Medical Services at the time of his arrest. 

Valderrama was conducting medical exams in June, when patients reported he had inappropriately touched them. Police interviewed at least one adult female and last week a warrant was issued, accusing him of Sexual Battery.

Investigators suspect there are other possible victims. They advise anyone with information to call Detective J. Wagner at (703)246 7800.

This Third World Assassin now sits behind bars at the Fairfax County Detention Center. The police report Valderrama had told the clinic he held a valid Colombian medical license at the time of his being hired. It is not known if the clinic bothered to perform an adequate background check at the time of hire.

Dr Fausto Fernandez

Dr Fausto Fernandez

In July another Latino pervert, a 75-year-old physician at the same clinic was arrested, also for sexually touching a 30-year-old male patient during a physical exam.

Doctor Fausto Fernandez, a resident of Alexandria, has been charged with Sexual Battery.

We can assure you as a reader that “physicians” are very often subject to a far lower level of background check than potential employees of Taco Bell.

Here’s a look at just how widespread physician predators really are: