Another Day: Another Doctor Pervert in Court. We Just Don’t Learn, Do We?

Dr Kevin Pezeshki

Dr Kevin Pezeshki

An L.A.-area physician whose medical license was already revoked after he sexually attacked a patient, now may be sent to prison time this week. Investigators learned he has been performing medical exams on pregnant women at a clinic in Panorama City.

Doctor Kevin Pezeshki, age 47 who lives in Tarzana, has been ordered to appear in  Van Nuys Superior Court for a probation violation hearing. The wayward MD faces 4 years in state prison, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

According to Deputy Attorney General Cindy M. Lopez, “After the exam, the patient said that when she turned around, she saw the doctor pulling up the zipper of his pants. He had ejaculated on her. The victim was smart enough to take the bed-sheet and turn it in to police.”

A subsequent DNA test by the Los Angeles Police Department crime lab showed the DNA on the bedsheet matched the doctor.

Pezeshki confessed to Felony Sexual Battery by Fraud in 2013. The doctor admitted to inappropriately touching a female patient during a 2008 exam at Northridge Hospital Medical Center and was sentenced to 3 years probation. The judge also ordered Pezeshki to register for life as a sexual offender.

Prosecutors now believe that the  now-unlicensed doctor performed ultrasounds on two women at San Joseph Medical Center.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Gregory Dohi revoked Pezeshki’s probation last month in response to those illegal examinations.

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