Surgeon Nabbed 3 Times for Drunk Driving. Still an MD in ‘Good Standing?’ of Course!

Dr M Macias Drunk

Have to forgive my drunk-face

In Waukesha Wisconsin the medical licensing board has reluctantly launched an investigation into the repeated treacherous behavior of a Milwaukee surgeon, who is now facing her 3rd drunk-driving conviction. We say “reluctantly” because they put off proper disciplining this degreed, societal train-wreck for more than a decade.

Because when you are a state medical board, your priority is protecting criminal physicians – not a vulnerable citizenry.

Doctor Melissa Yvonne Macias, who works at the Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute, was pulled over and handcuffed for the 3rd time in April. She went through the same self-centered, who-gives-a-damn-about-anybody-else routine 30 days earlier in Brookfield, Wisconsin, too. She clearly didn’t take drunk-driving all that seriously – after all, she’d been arrested for swerving while swacked 10 years before.



Here’s a book of a 30-year Paramedic’s experiences with a shocking variety of killer doctors


Dr Melissa Macias

See? I can look real professional when I’m sober

According to police, this daffy doc’s blood-alcohol level on the night of her most recent arrest, was .20 – well over twice the limit considered dangerous.

The state authority which issues licenses – the Department of Safety and Professional Services – told investigators they were “unaware” a doctor had been taken to jail, until they were contacted by WISN NEWS. A spokeswoman stated they “take the welfare of Wisconsin citizens very seriously”. They opened an investigation into the doctor’s professional conduct on May 26.

Well, to our mind, they couldn’t have taken citizen welfare too seriously. They waited a month to even convene a meeting on the subject.

A state spokeswoman said the board routinely checks on such things as licensees paying taxes and child support. They don’t check to see if doctors are being been arrested for crimes.


Note to Wisconsin medical licensing board: How about you hold off punishing this lab coat lush until she pulls something like this:

(This medical mental midget got PROBATION for nearly killing another motorist)

Under Wisconsin law, Macias’ first two DUI’s are not considered criminal offenses because they happened more than a decade apart – in 1991 and again 2014. A third conviction would make the charge a criminal one and require Macias to “self report” to state officials.

“Self report.” Right. Doctors reporting their crimes to state medical boards? That works about as well as 6th graders fessing up to window-breaking to their parents. It’s science fiction.

Macias is free on bail and is still treating patients because, well, physicians who can’t control their drinking couldn’t possibly injure a patient with a scalpel, could they?

She could get 12 months in jail when she is sentenced this September.

She could. But we’ll bet our paycheck against yours that she won’t get any jail time at all.

Another Observation:

If drunk doctors irritate you as much as they do us, you can file a citizen complaint against a professional licensee on the Department Of Safety & Professional Services website.

We already did.

Case Update:




4 thoughts on “Surgeon Nabbed 3 Times for Drunk Driving. Still an MD in ‘Good Standing?’ of Course!

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    Oh thank you thank you. This is going to be one I bring up into legislators’ attention. Thank you thank you. Going to go patients’ also – and get them asking why this is happening.

    • Vic –

      Just as an FYI, we are often alerted to these cases by people who work in the offending physicians’ inner circle.

      And that is exactly how we learned about this drunk-driving surgeon – a staff member who works with her.

      Thank heaven for the bravery – and honesty – of whistleblowers who actually give a damn about public safety.

  2. Eddie joseph says:

    Shame on. The jerk who wrote this column why don’t. Go through what. A nearosurgeon goes through you must be one uneducated idiot. Who deffinatley knows nothing about what they go through to become a nearosurgeon and to save lived you never know she might have to save your worthless. Life or one of your. Loved ones. Every. One makes a mistake. Including. YOu

    • Eddie –

      We’ll try our best to interpret your sub-literate yammering.

      So because she’s highly educated, you deign to give this societal scourge a pass? Is that the gist of your screed? What’s the matter, Eddie? Do you tend to stand too close to the microwave?

      It’s A-okay with you that this degreed mental midget just might kill people on the street, because hey! Now and then she saves other lives. Is that your rendition of guttersnipe logic?

      Let’s see: you’d be just as forgiving if she killed somebody in YOUR family, right? After all, she wears surgiscrubs at work, so that makes her too special to punish. Who cares how swacked she might be when the nurse hands her a scalpel.

      You do some strange math-tweaks when it comes to the lifesaving balance sheet.

      Here’s a news flash, Eddie: there are countless thousands of other medical professionals who DON’T put the public at risk with their 4,000 pound cars. You think THEY maybe aren’t under stress?

      And they happen to include – come to think of it – the author of this website.

      So no, this drunk-doc dufus isn’t the only one who went to med school. And the apologists for those who wreak havoc in society just because they wear a labcoat? Well, they’re wading in the shallow end of the intelligence pool, too.

      Try growing a body part that thinks. Enabling repeated dangerous behavior is ethically wrong and societally idiotic.

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