Another Day: Another Mid-Eastern MD Gets a Wrist-Slap for Sexual Assault

Dr ismail taher

Doctor Ismail Taher

In Canada, Edmonton authorities are looking an awful lot like their USA counterparts when it comes to physician predators getting little more than a legal swat on their adult diapers.

Doctor Ismail Taher was sentenced last week to 1 month in jail after being convicted of sexually assaulting a nurse at a Medicentre clinic in 2013. Provincial Court Judge Greg Lepp said this on Wednesday:

“Doctor Taher has been blessed with all of life’s advantages. He abused his position for selfish, prurient and unwholesome reasons.  He had no excuse. There is no remorse shown here. I am imposing a short jail term because I know it will have a profound effect on his family.”

Well isn’t that special. What about the “profound effect” on the nurses?

Perhaps as stupid as the weak sentence is the added foolishness that Taher will be allowed to serve his sentence on weekends. Wouldn’t want to stress him out any more than absolutely necessary.

This case is a pluperfect example of a point we need to underscore as often and as loudly as possible:

NO other professionals are held to a lower standard of discipline, than the errant physician population.

UN-effing believable.

Other Observations:

Lab coat lunatic Taher had already been convicted of assaulting a nurse manager at another clinic several years before. Did he go to jail on that one? Was his medical license revoked for a sexual attack at his workplace?

Of course not. He was given a suspended sentence, so that he would have every opportunity to do it again, you see.

And so he did. When it comes to garbage behavior by doctors, some things are predictable, at least by us.

Stay classy, Canada. If you keep trying, you just might grow up to be as off-the-chart mentally unbalanced as America’s medical authorities are.

At least, when it comes to doctor discipline, or the lack thereof.


One thought on “Another Day: Another Mid-Eastern MD Gets a Wrist-Slap for Sexual Assault

  1. Vic Nicholls says:

    That is a riot! “Lab coat lunatic”.

    Honestly, he’s no different than any one else. Did you see the studies that came out recently showing docs get a barely there slap on the hands when it comes to these specific issues?

    The additional problem is that decent docs get tarred and feathered by crap like this.

    Btw, I did post a few links to your pages here on KMD. I’m waiting to see when I get a response about what docs are doing to clean up their acts.

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