Foreign-born MDs and Patient Sexual Assaults: The Reality is Appalling


U.S. medicine is pathologically allergic to ridding the monsters in their midst. This ‘head in the sand’ insanity is an American embarrassment

Police: ‘ Huber Heights doctor is a sexual predator.’ But of course he was never convicted.

Care to know how “quickly” medical authorities move to protect the public, when physicians are suspected of being sexual predators?

Dr Shafik Ahmad

Dr Shafik Ahmad: coming to a clinic near you . . .

Well, consider this little ditty: by the time the state of Ohio revoked Doctor Shafik Ahmad’s license in 2011 — all because he was found guilty of Conspiracy to Murder, in trying to hire a killer to shoot his former wife — he had been accused by 13 female patients of overt sexual behavior.

Did the state medical authorities take the necessary steps to protect citizens from a monster in a lab coat? Not even a little bit.

At least 5 of the 13 women sued Ahmad in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. And they won. But keep in mind, lawsuits take place in civil court. So there is no criminal punishment.

During one trial, for example, one former patient testified how Ahmad had fondled her breasts in May 2004 behind closed doors with no nurse present, during an exam that had nothing to do with a physical problem. Others reported nearly identical encounters.


Hundreds of perverted physicians . . . and few of us even know what’s going on

In 2009, Huber Heights police investigated reports of Ahmad’s sexual misconduct by 7 different women over a 6-year period. Eventually,  multiple lawsuits were settled out of court.

Ahmad, of course, denied the charges, but the facts verify the man was a pervert in a lab coat. And like most perverts, he remains in constant denial:

“All my colleagues suffer from the exact same thing,” he said during a hearing. “Each of us who care about people, who examine people and nurture people, are subject to being misunderstood.”

No, you mental midget. “All of your colleagues” don’t.

In October 2009, idiot physician Ahmad was arrested, after hiring an informant posing as a hitman to murder his ex-wife, with whom he was in a child custody battle. He was convicted in January 2011.

Later in 2011, the state medical board revoked this lab coat gorilla’s license, when they learned from law enforcement that Ahmad improperly touched and made advances toward 13 women, several of whom he was supposedly treating for mental health issues.

Ahmad is currently in Ohio State Prison and is scheduled to be released in October.

Our Observations:

There are at least 3 important take-aways in this case:

  1. This idiot has still not been criminally punished for assaulting more than a dozen lady patients.
  2. He will almost certainly regain a medical license, by simply moving to another state. Society’s worst playground bullies know the game.
  3. Ahmad will not be deported, because the U.S. government does not deport dangerous immigrants.

We keep them here, so they can continue tormenting the American citizenry over and over. America. What a country.

And on that uplifting note readers, have a great weekend.





5 thoughts on “Foreign-born MDs and Patient Sexual Assaults: The Reality is Appalling

  1. xenonman says:

    Can’t they deport these foreign doctors back to theit countries of origin?
    The only reason doctor-pigs like this one come here is for the $$$$!

  2. Ron Slade, Pharm.D. says:

    Follow the money is always good advice. Twenty-some odd years spent working in hospitals taught me that hospitals (and universities) are more concerned about the money than their occupants.. Since Dr. s are the money source, they will be allowed to continue what they are doing so long as it doesn’t attract too much adverse publicity. Too much adverse publicity and lawsuits cost money they don’t want to spend.

    One hospital had three unwritten rules:
    1. The Dr. is our customer, and the customer is always right
    2. Stuff runs downhill.
    3. If you can’t take the heat get out of he kitchen

    The contest between quality health care and profit will always come down on the side of profit, one reason we need a universal, single-payer system which covers everyone

  3. Vic Nicholls says:

    He needs to be deported because I have some docs who are good, foreign born, and just as good as the ones we have. They shouldn’t suffer because of trash like the one above.

  4. Rhonda says:

    He was a very good Doctor . He was to nice and all these women are out for money . Seriously ? Name calling .. no one knows the entire story . As for his exwife .. she is a nut case who wouldn’t let him see his son. I sure hope one day he does get out of jail and gets his license back . One of the best doctors out there ! He saved my life .

    • “He was a very good Doctor.”

      You must have an extraordinarily low “ethics bar”.

      “One of the best doctors out there!”

      No, actually, by all measurable and logical criteria, this degenerate is one of the worst.

      Lord love a duck, woman. Try to grow a body part that thinks.

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